Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Chaos rocks Trump White House on virus' most tragic day

 The chaos and confusion rocking President Donald Trump's administration on the most tragic day yet of the coronavirus pandemic was exceptional even by his own standards.
Trump set out Tuesday to cement his image of a wartime leader facing down an "invisible enemy" at a dark moment as the country waits for the virus to peak and with the economy languishing in suspended animation.
"What we have is a plague, and we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel," the President said, on a day when a record number of Americans succumbed to the wicked respiratory disease.
But instead of putting minds at rest, Trump's wild performance instead put on a display many of the personal and political habits that have defined his tumultuous presidency. It was a troubling spectacle coming at such a wrenching chapter of national life, the kind of moment when Presidents are called to provide consistent, level leadership.
Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted that a small business rescue program was off to "a bad start" after recipients struggled to register funds, only for the President to celebrate the program's roaring success -- and to credit his daughter Ivanka with personally creating 15 million jobs.

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  1. “Chaos rocks Trump White House on virus' most tragic day”
    I’m a PhD economist and expert on models see Modern Economy
    Vol.11 No.02(2020), Article
    The Economics of Business Cycles Numerical Model Role of Fixed Costs
    Models are only as good as are the assumptions. Wow Wuhan is open and no longer on lockdown. Bnei Brak news: Mayor of Bnei Brak Avraham Rubinstein was interviewed this morning on Army Radio and called for the curfew on his city to be lifted. We have to lift the curfew," he said. "The conduct of the residents is exemplary, even on the outskirts of the city.
    I agree with Joe Orlow
    “We must wipe out opposition to Donald Trump. And we must wipe out the virus. We fight the virus on many fronts: social distancing, hospital care, vaccines. We fight political opposition by exercising free speech and denouncing any negative coverage of the President. We must not become weary. The battle is long and arduous.”


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