Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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  1. See what messages the Autisin are saying 28 Adar 2020
    We must return to Hashem and bring our families close to hashem disatach from crooked goyim ...and much much more Autist binyamin Goldin


  2. This is a forum for sharing thoughts, not ravings.

    Your tea-leaf readings are best kept to yourself.

  3. shoteh!



    י לֹא-יִמָּצֵא בְךָ, מַעֲבִיר בְּנוֹ-וּבִתּוֹ בָּאֵשׁ, קֹסֵם קְסָמִים, מְעוֹנֵן וּמְנַחֵשׁ וּמְכַשֵּׁף.

    יא וְחֹבֵר, חָבֶר; וְשֹׁאֵל אוֹב וְיִדְּעֹנִי, וְדֹרֵשׁ אֶל-הַמֵּתִים.

  4. https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message4322367/pg1

  5. Why would the 12 pages of the teshuvah thoughts be so abhorrent to you ?

    Why is it that you wont consider teshuvah no matter who advocates for it

    Many gedolei yisroel praised their divrei mussar and this is well known many books have been written about Galia and many people became totaly frum because of her

    how can yo be so stone hearted to change ?
    Galia, Binyamin Goldin Daniel many more .

  6. Kalonymus HaQatanMarch 25, 2020 at 2:51 AM

    perhaps you can follow them, but these ideas of his - as summarized by your first post above, are nonsense.
    It is ironically the secular education, which you and your community lack, that may, B'Ezrat Hashem - bring a therapeutic treatment and/or vaccine for this mageifah.

    The Gra, whose words you reject, said that that by the measure of lack of scientific knowledge , one lacks 100 fold in Torah knowledge. This was evidenced by various great Rabbinic scholars who tried to talk down the the plague and still maintain mini minyanim, often in the same building. It was only Tzohar, the Modern Orthodox group in Israel who said there should be a total ban of all public davening.

  7. So clearly my Comment concerned not your cited link -- which interests me not at all, nor have I read it -- but your attached blurb/assessment to the effect of We must [...] dis attach from crooked goyim take the education of our kids away from harmful goyim and secular learning care not to get infected by it ...and such nonsense. When it comes to prognosticating and divining off of events the ratzon H' that we be doing XYZ (insert for "XYZ" what the prognosticator already believed prior to the occurrence) etc. etc., it is pretty ironic you speak of separating from goyim; for what could be more goyisch than just that sort of activity -- divining, reading the skies, prognosticating, etc.? Historically, we've assur'd such activity and confined such pronouncements to confirmed neviim. I'm sorry -- truly I am -- that such an age is millennia in the past, and we now live in the rational world, but accept it and get with the program, already.

    You want to know the ratzon H'? Here it is: Learn Torah, do mitzvos, refine your middos to become the best, humblest servant of His you can be, conducting all the above in the best derekh eretz you're able to marshall forth in an often difficult and corrupt world. The nice thing about that mussar is that, pending Moschiach's arrival, it doesn't change, so no need for public pronouncements from self-appointed Heavenly spokespersons.

  8. See this also


  9. I have no idea why you want me to, but I did watch it. 5min I'll never get back. Still don't know what good someone could imagine themselves having received having given this clip the time.

    If you dare, read this:

  10. It's weird that you think a message being from an autistic person somehow magically makes the message credible (or more credible). A priori, an autistic person is no more or less credible than any non-autistic human being is.

  11. A wise man once said " you can't argue with a sick mind".
    This is the problem with berel, no amount of reason, logic or even Halacha will turn him back from his insane rants.
    People are dying in hundreds, or even thousands, and Beryl is coming up with more nonsense.
    Plagues are less common now than 150 years ago, when diseases like smallpox, cholera etc would decimate populations. B'H we were given scientific intelligence to discover vaccines . All those diseases had nothing to do with frum/secular or Jew or gentile. The greatest kabbalist, ramchal himself died of a plague.

  12. If I were to go to some gypsy fortune teller and publicize their videos, I would most likely be called a crackpot. The Torah requires us to act rationally.as I said before, Rambam says a chacham should not live in a town without a doctor. He doesn't say we need access to fortune tellers and soothsayers.


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