Thursday, March 26, 2020

More Trumpian nonsense - the elderly should risk their lives to help Trump get reelected?!

They should stop trying to scare people and stampede them into herd hermitry.
Many mental health professionals like to tell their clients that they suffer from anxiety.
So now doctors are playing up on that implanted anxiety.
"Ooooh, big bad Donald Trump is scary...! He wants you to go to work and could never vote for a man that makes you feel anxious....riiiiiiight???? Hmmm???????"
In time of war, we send young people into harm's way and expect them to die for their country. Well, now it is time for older people to engage in some self sacrifice for the good of keeping Donald Trump electable.


  1. I hope all here should be well.

    So let's revisit this post when Americans elect a Democrat for President this Fall.

    Right now, people are buying guns like they're going out of fashion. Why? WHY? Why are they buying weapons and ammunition in a time like this?

    Obviously because they anticipate a breakdown of the whole social order. Under Donald Trump, the bloodshed has not started. I think under a Democrat President that will not be the case.

    Full Disclosure: I am not armed. I sold my onevgun several years ago because I needed the money.

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  5. There must be a shortage of Matzot as well as many other products, I am waiting to hear from the Rabbanim what they think about it. If the machmirim have in mind to be matir Machine Matzot, then the time is * N-O-W * that there is still ample time to do so. Are they waiting so that it should not compete with the scarcity of Hand Matzot and then conveniently Mafkia the Shaar through the roof for those machmirim. The time is NOW!!! If you are worth your salt, don't act like an ostrich. DO SOMETHING, not only just rack in the exorbitant Pesach prices. It is enough expensive throughout the year as it is. Stop being busy with all the I-Phones and all the other 'shmonces'. People lost their Parnoses and higia zman shekolo Pruta min hakis, and who said you have to FLEECE Klall Yisroel in such dire desparate times, HUH? Time to give back, veal ta'asseh Kardum lachpor ba. This is nothing new, you are fleecing KIVSAS HOROSH! Look at the gap in prices of Hechsher products vs. non H. products. Neither the chickens nor the cows know of any difference who the consumer ends up to be. This is a Sha'arurya, umi yodea if this Puraniyos of Biblical proportions has nothing to do with being meyaker the sha'ar. Highway Robbery! aka Sdom Va'amorah


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