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VIDEO: Trump Caught Knowing Nothing, Mumbles Word Salad



  2. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 17, 2019 at 10:12 PM

    Rabbi Miller davened for Tzahal. Do you?










  12. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 1:07 AM

    following in the Pride of the Eidah - I.Y. de Haan.

  13. Oy. The policy wonks want a policy wonk Presidents. But history shows that policy wonk Presidents make lousy Presidents.

    The best Presidents know how to hire, not become themselves, the best policy wonks.

    It appears Donald Trump will be a one-term President. Shame, really...he's in a class by himself.

    Maybe he'll yet suspend the Constitution. One can hope. That should make the Democrats happy. They'll finally have a bona fide reason to impeach him.

  14. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 3:17 PM

    He said he davens even for secular Jewish soldiers, to win wars. Hence, no satmar, no oaths.

  15. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 3:41 PM

    I didn't listen to this, but when I need a humor break, I will bli neder have a listen.

  16. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 3:46 PM

    Shame on mr Miller for his vile kefira and blatant falsification of the Torah. He compares Avraham avinu, the purest of tzaddikim, to lehavdil ad infinitum, that bender, queer feigele who was a sofer of homosexual eroticism. Only a twisted mind could do this. I didn't think that even Miller could stoop so low. Was Miller also a sabbatean?

  17. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 4:49 PM

    The only good thing for de haan was that bullet. Perhaps it cleansed him of his sins.

  18. Shame on you kofermouth!

  19. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 9:08 PM

    Shame on you and your Gaydah hareidis, for honoring such a mishkav zachar.

  20. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 9:16 PM

    That alleged talmid chacham is a chillul Hashem, for which there is no honor. He makes a direct comparison between the Tzaddik, Avraham, and some feigele writer with a Christian wife, because he was anti Zionism. Just because satmar were paying Miller to be their English mouthpiece, doesn't straighten out Mr De haan's queer activities.

  21. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 9:34 PM

    Is ivory soap kosher?

  22. I don't know if the bullet cleansed him of his sins, but it certainly prevented him from committing more sins.

  23. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 18, 2019 at 11:49 PM

    Agreed - it is a bushah on Tel Aviv, which should be a Holy city.

  24. traif mouth needs traif soap, spit it out

  25. So you also disagree with the the pure zadikim of yesteryear?
    Israel Reader knows more then Dr Wallach z"L ...and Rav Yosef Chaim sonnenfeld and reb Yitzchok Yerucham Diskind the be yachid of the zaddik hador( the Rebbe of reb Chaim soloveitik ztzl) -Rav Yehoshuah Leib ZTVK"L

  26. Just because satmar were paying Miller to be their English mouthpiece,

    KoFEr Ameeti

  27. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 7:27 PM

    Were they aware of his gay activities?

  28. I respect all tzadikim for their piety and knowledge.
    But that doesn't mean that they know everything.
    We probably know today more about the Gra, then his contemporaries knew about him, and "lehavdil", we likely know today more about the secret life of Jacob Israël de Haan, then his contemporaries did.

    We went through this before, and I will not get sucked up in your trolling. Keep believing about him what you want to believe, but the facts we know today about his same-sex attractions (SSA).are what they are. Sad, but there's no use in trying to whitewash them.

    The best דן לכף זכות I can come up for him, is that he was conflicted about his SSA. Intellectually he knew that, religiously, he was not allowed to act upon his SSA, nevertheless emotionally he struggled with his Yetzer Hara, and failed his test.

    He might have even davened to Hashem
    ואל תביאנו לא לידי חטא ולא לידי עברה ועון, ולא לידי נסיון ולא לידי בזיון, ואל ישלט בנו יצר הרע, והרחיקנו מאדם רע ומחבר רע, ודבקנו ביצר הטוב ובמעשים טובים, וכף את יצרנו להשתעבד לך,
    Hashem may have answered his prayer, in the form of his murder, which definitely put an end to his nisyonos, and prevented him from further sin. He was also meted out a form of מיתה, which he had coming to him.
    סנהדרין לז ב
    אמר רב יוסף, וכן תני דבי חזקיה, מיום שחרב בית המקדש, אף על פי שבטלה סנהדרי, ארבע מיתות לא בטלו. לא בטלו? והא בטלו. אלא, דין ארבע מיתות לא בטלו. מי שנתחייב סקילה, או נופל מן הגג, או חיה דורסתו. מי שנתחייב שריפה, או נופל בדליקה, או נחש מכישו. מי שנתחייב הריגה, או נמסר למלכות, או ליסטין באין עליו. מי שנתחייב חנק, או טובע בנהר, או מת בסרונכי

  29. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 7:29 PM

    Miller is saying that de haan was the Avraham of his generation. That's the real kefirah, de haan was openly gay/bisexual and intermarried.

  30. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 7:38 PM

    These great men are like the open orthodox of today, gay rights.

  31. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    Rav Diskin would not have had anything to do with feiglach,. His son was not a gadol, just a political figure. Rav sonnenfeld made a big mistake with de haan. As he turned a blind eye to his gaiety.

  32. I doubt it and I doubt if he was involved with Gay after 1921 when he became frum

  33. See Rav Avigdor Miller research on this topic

    Rav Miller was educated and worldly dont you think?

  34. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 9:16 PM

    on one of hsi videos, he says that he prays for a jewish soldier if he is fighting an arab, to be victorious. End of.

  35. CLICKBAIT. He did NOT present research on the topic of de Haan's SSA. He merely rejects it as an attempt to falsely smear him.

    I respect all tzadikim for their piety and Torah knowledge, including Rabbi Avigdor Miller z"l. He was educated and worldly, but he didn't know everything we know today about de Haan.

  36. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 9:41 PM

    It only shows MIller was an apikores and a reform man, calling himself "Orthodox".
    He is mevazeh the Torah, and Avraham Avinu, by claiming that a bender, who publicly wrote books and newspaper articles abotu hsi maaseh s'dom, was like Avraham. How queer of Victor Miller, when Avraham was chosen because of his purity of save the tzaddikim in S'dom, whilst de haan was the "gadol hador" of sodomites, a teacher of sodomy, a writer on the subject and revered for many more generations by the LGBQT community. This is typical of the insanity of the extremist hareidim who have lost sight of the Torah's teachings, because they are too busy making up their own.

  37. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 9:44 PM

    That Sanhedrin is a very powerful lesson, I think in general if people contemplate on it, it will keep them away from sin.

  38. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 9:48 PM

    didn't hear anything mentioned about De Haan's MSM (men having sex with Men) activities. MSM is more severe that SSA.

    Miller is just a big shmoozer, he didn't know anything much at all. The only good thing he did say was that it is a mitzvah to earn a living. Otherwise, he is a science denialist and denialist of everything else in the world too.

  39. Thank you.
    Unfortunately, the ones committing capital sins, usually don't know or care what the Gemara has to say about how Hashem still runs the world.

  40. De Haan's writings reflect SSA.
    Can we prove that he actually had MSM?

    We can choose to disagree about Rabbi Miller's greatness.
    "Just a big shmoozer"?
    "He didn't know anything much at all"?
    What are you basing your comments on?
    I guess that you didn't know that he finished Shas annually, and gave some 20 Torah classes weekly.
    He wasn't a science denialist. He also probably knew about more about science than you'll ever know.

  41. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 19, 2019 at 11:48 PM

    He talks about MSM all the time. SSA is not really the issue. Do you think he just picked up boys to buy ice cream for them then send them home? His writings are HARDCORE gay literature, not just SSA, as you put it.

    As it stands, De Haan was bisexual , but both directions he took were assur - his wife was non-Jewish and his MSM partners were toevas regardless. In other words, he was violating halacha left, right and centre.

    Victor Miller was finishing Shas annually? Evidence? Perhaps he forgot that the Torah itself forbids MZ (mishkav zachar).

    Let me put it to you this way. The Gra said about the Ramchal, that he was still alive, he (Gra) would walk to Italy to meet him. Now the Ramchal says that we do not accept an opinion according to who said it, but according to whether it suits the intellect or not.

    SO let me repeat what I am basing my comments on.

    1) de haan was a menuval. Every one knew this , even in his time. That was one of the cover stories to make the shooting look like a criminal /revenge hit.

    2) Miller is lying when he says that de haan was a Tzaddik - where is such a thing as a Tzaddik who is chayav mitah?

    3) Miller is falsifying the Torah when he says that de haan was the one Avraham of his generation, just like Avraham was in his generation. Where does he come up with this reform nonsense from? Is there a queer hareidi brotherhood that we are not told about?

    So this is what I base my comments on - the methodology of the Ramchal, and the facts of the case, which are indisputable.
    What knowledge of science does Miller have, when you claim he knows more than me? Did he have a science degree? a Master's? A doctorate?
    Here is an example of his scientific writing:

    Even if you state that he was a big Lamdan, that in itself is meaningless, and even deceptive. after all, it was another of these Mashgiachs , E.E. Dessler who crowned his big Lamdan as a Gadol, who denied the Torah (Louis jacobs)
    Rabbi Shmuel tal was an ilui, rosh yeshiva, and giant, as Rav Benny Lau described him, but he had his Sabbatean niuf orgies all set up in his community, as did his colleague Sheinberg, the Rabbi of the North. And not to forget that other "Tzaddik" Mr berland. Eli Berland, that chavruta of none other than the Steipler gaon.
    All this cast of characters have learned Shas "bigly" and have sinned bigly, violating the Torah, and Yehareg v'lo yaavor. But they know gemara much better than me.

    Your argumentation is not actual argumentation, it is the fallacy of authority.

  42. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:01 AM

    MIller article where he attacks homosexuality:

    article about de haan who was openly homosexual

    Therefore, Miller's praise of DeHaan and his brazen comparison to Avraham avinu make Miller an apikores and hypocrite.

  43. I agree that de Haan was a menuval. I'm just not sure how much people knew about it in his day.

    We can judge him by his writings, but he wrote in Dutch, which I don't know how many Jerusalem locals were familiar with, or even knew about the existence of his erotic writing. We can only conjecture what he did behind closed doors.

    R' Miller finishing Shas annually? Evidence?
    I heard this from a close student of his.

    Rabbi Miller surely didn't believe the stories they told about him. But to me that doesn't detract from R' Miller's stature. He was just missing information. Once we accept that R' Miller was missing information, then your charge that he's lying and falsifying the Torah, falls away.

  44. No. It reflects his ignorance of the facts about de Haan.
    I'm 1,000% sure that if R' Miller knew the facts about him, he wouldn't have said what he did.

  45. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:09 AM

    if you are 1000% certain about what a dead man might have done when he was alive, it means you are delusional - nothing personal, but you cannot be 1000% certain about anything.
    Furthermore, I read a few years back, a quote from rav Sonnenfeld, that he said he is not responsible for what De haan does from shoulders downwards. Thus, it was well known even in the Gaydah that de haan was queer. They just chose to turn a blind eye.

  46. I knew R' Miller when he was alive, and base myself on his record of fiercely fighting the homosexual agenda, and anything related to it.

    I'm not aware about such a a quote from Rav Zonnenfeld. Source?

  47. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:29 AM

    "I'm 1,000% sure that if R' Miller knew the facts about him, he wouldn't have said what he did."
    As Rav Chaim says, Nebach an apikores is still an apikores.

  48. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:39 AM

    Here is a quote from Tablet: "

    The deepest expression of his newfound passions, however, was carnal.

    Arab men—very young men in particular—became his obsession. He wrote

    poems about men like Mahmoud the stable boy, being explicit about his

    lust. As always, he saw his stirrings in metaphysical terms. In one

    poem, entitled “Doubt,” he wrote: “The year sneaks in in God’s capital

    city / Near the Western Wall / Tonight, what is it that I long for? /

    The sanctity of Israel, or an Arab male prostitute?”

    Taking residence with a well-heeled Jerusalem family, de Haan

    demanded that the family’s Jewish maid be barred from his quarters—she

    stole from him, he argued angrily—and hired instead a handsome young

    Arab man as his valet. Each afternoon, de Haan and his friend would lock

    themselves in the room. No one in Jerusalem had much doubt as to what
    the two were doing behind closed doors.

    “Last week, I had a sort of adventure,” the future Nobel laureate
    S.Y. Agnon wrote to his wife. “I was looking for an apartment, and was
    handed from one Arab to another until I made the acquaintance of one

    Arab who spoke fluent Ashkenazi… When I told Mr. Greenhaut the man’s

    name etc., I was informed that the man was the good friend of de Haan, curse him, meaning his wife, darned devil.”"

    See, everyone knew, Shai Agnon knew.

  49. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:42 AM

    "Once we accept that R' Miller was missing information, then your charge that he's lying and falsifying the Torah, falls away."
    If you claim he was a Gaon, going thru Shas every year, then he must have had some intelligence, and the ability to make judgments. However, he is talking from where the sun doesn't shine. You attribute this to "missing information" - but a Gadol has to do research like a gadol. You can't claim to be a Gadol, then make some phoney shiur which you think up in the room where no Seforim are permitted.

    No, he is an unstable character - and a hater - he hates everyone, Jews, goyim, Zionists, etc. That is why he so unstable and makes such crass claims in his so called shiurim.

  50. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 12:52 AM

    Also, everyone was at least aware of the accusations, whether they accepted them or not. So R' Miller must have been aware of these allegations, but he was not able to make a clear judgement on the facts. What does this tell you about Miller's objectivity and reliability , and in fact his alleged daas torah? It clearly shows he is a false daas torah, he is mezayef, suit his ideological and political beliefs, not the facts or emes.

  51. bihadai kivsah dirachmonah lomeh loch

  52. Hakodosh Yisroel Yackov Dehaan the namesake of the late Dayan Harav Yisroel Yakov Fisher Head of Court

  53. The fact that someone was named after de Haan, doesn't prove that de Haan wasn't a homosexual.

  54. What Silly poetry That ?You call proof ?!!!

    He was a paid writer for Goyim

    Dont forget the Zionist fired him from all the local jobs

    And tried to break his Hebrew University professor ship of Dr. Dehaan

    Please Rav miller was way ahead of today

  55. Rabbi Miller disagreed with you
    Page 8-15

  56. Kalonymus AnonymusJune 20, 2019 at 2:09 AM

    poor guy, that is child abuse!


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