Sunday, September 25, 2016

Man was created to learn Torah and Woman was created to assist the Intellect which is Man

Rabbeinu Bachye (Bereishis 3:21): And G-d took the Man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to work it and guard it. The Garden of Eden alludes to the Torah. Just as the Garden is drawn from Eden, so does Torah draw from the higher wisdom which is Eden. The reason that man was created was so that he would learn Torah – to work it and guard it. And G-d commanded the man It is known that the basis of the Torah is the mitzvos i.e., the positive commandments and the negative commandments. And if so the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge which are established within the Garden of Eden allude to the positive commandments and the negative commandments which were established within Torah. And “the Man” alludes to intellect. And it is not good for the intellect to be alone because it needs an instrument through which its actions could be seen and this instruments should also be the assistant for man in keeping the Torah and mitzvos. This assistant needed to be material rather than intellect. In addition since man had been created with a physical body and a soul it was necessary to have assistance in preserving the species just as the body assists the soul concerning intellectual matters. This assistant is the woman. The name “woman” contains an allusion to the body. Thus we find that Shlomo compared matter to woman when he said (Mishlei 2:16) To save you from the woman who is a stranger. This means that even though woman is not part of the intellect but she is the instrument for receiving the actions of the intellect. Similarly Matter accepts the Form and thus relects its image. The “Serpent” alludes to the evil inclination which is from the term “menachesh” – sorcerer. That is because he is constantly challenging man and trying to seduce him. And the serpent started by speaking with the woman i.e., with Matter. And he used the strategy of “af” which means “even though” but also to anger which draws from a person’s strength. The explanation of the serpent’s words: “Af (even though) G-d said not to eat from the trees of the Garden, but if G-d prevents you from eating from that which the body desires – that means G-d is preventing you from enjoying all the pleasures and good things in the world. How could it be that G-d would do such a thing?” This is the seduction of the evil inclination. And this that we find that the serpent (evil inclination) spoke with the woman and not with the man, that is because all the efforts of the evil inclination is only with Matter and not with the power of Intellect.

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