Thursday, August 4, 2011

Abusive Breslover cult [Video]


  1. What proof is there that there was any abuse here? All that I saw here were merely theories and postulations.

  2. He is the one who was arrested. It's the same cult as the one in the article "young woman recounts her escape from Breslover cult".

    She actually was there when they started turning the documentary and then disappeared.

    Still, the journalists did not contact her or publish anything negative about the cult.

  3. ..if you have doubts, it become quite clear on this picture that it is the same person:

  4. Leo,

    I have no doubts that the person in the picture is in fact the one in the documentary. However,labeling something as a "cult" is very difficult to pinpoint, due to the very subjective nature of defining a "cult". [If your wife is infatuated with you, does that make you a cult leader?]

    Also the accusations of this man being "abusive" have not been substantiated.

    The story broke due to woman #7 who was not happy with the arrangement and wanted out. As in any relationship that breaks up, there usually is a lot of mudslinging going a round, with one or more sides seeking to besmirch the other.

    Until I see hard evidence, and not merely theories and postulations, I remain, THE SKEPTIC.

  5. Well, I think a "cult" is most of the times something ambiguous. It has to be good for some people, otherwise they would not become part of it.

    So it might be that severall members of this group feel quite happy with the setup.

    However, you cannot take the "TV-image" at face value either.

    For example, the mother of the fifth wife says in the Haaretz article that their home was incredibly dirty and neglected. Of course, you can clean up when the TV crew comes...

    The fourth wife looks quite unhappy and for some reason does not speak to the TV crew...

    There are children who look as if they had problems. What kind of problems and why, we do not know.

    The cult leader claims to be a disciple of an ashkenasy Rabbi, but still claims the right to have severall wives, which, by the way, also defeats israeli law.

    The "homeschooling scene" with the boys, the "father-teacher" is not even listening to them. I suppose that this scene was specially arranged for the TV crew.

    This said, it can well be that despite the abuse the cult members will be unhappy once the cult is dissolved. This was the case with some of the goel ratzon wives: they found themselves with huge debts, ruined, with no support. It might well be that polygamy with mutual support (and abuse) was preferrable to them...

  6. Recipients and PublicityAugust 9, 2011 at 11:06 PM

    This adds further proof why the Vilna Gaon put Breslov and Chabad into cherem.

  7. What heter does he have to marry more that 1 wife? Is he a Sefardi?

    Even if he is a Sefardi, there is no heter for more than 6 wives. What did he mean when he said he would entertain 7 or more?

  8. He seems to be sefardi, since his orignial name was mambouch.

    But still:
    1) Polygamy is illegal in Israel, for jews

    2) The sefardi chief rabbinate forbids polygamy

    3) He identified with an Ashkenazi movement, so why would he be ashkenazi in every aspect, except polygamy?

  9. He had a 7th wife, she is the one who went to the police.

  10. Recipients and Publicity got it right.

    People like this who flaunt violation of the Torah need to be driven from Jewish life.


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