Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black Congressman: Tea Party would like Black Americans hanging on a tree


  1. Why get worked up over the opinion of a madman?

  2. lol, this guy is a clown and unfortunately represents a historic problem with blacks in america - they are led by creeps, demagogues, and flat out liars. And if you'll say the leaders of other groups also share those traits, even if that were true, it's not nearly to the extent that you see it in the nutcase black leaders.

    It's really funny when he says 'we were seeing change in congress and the tea party now has tried to stop that change.' What does he mean? The Tea Party itself is a massive wave of change that grew organically in this country from many grass roots efforts. So to call them a group trying to "stop change" is really nonsensical. I think what he really means is that when Obama took power, he thought that would mean more welfare, entitlements and favortism and special treatment to blacks and other minorities, and now the tea party who follows the constitution is going to block all the free gifts and wasteful spending, so how are we gonna take take take all day anymore without giving anything? Darn!
    Those tea party rascals!

  3. woah, what? the tea party is trying to stop wasteful spending? I would rather my tax dollars go to providing food, shelter, and medical care to others, not to making the rich richer while costing us more jobs and making more of us poor (and in need of food, clothing, and shelter). The initial ideological roots of the tea party would have had my support, but in practice these people are out of touch, ridiculous, and dangerous, and simple making a bad situation even worse. Frankly, they make democrats look good, even slightly sane, and that is quite an accomplishment.


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