Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seeing others oppressed and not helping is considered being the oppressor

Ibn Ezra (Shemos 22:20): Concerning a ger - When the ger accepts not to worship idols do not upset him in your land just because you have much greater power than he does. Remember that you were once gerim like him. Just as the verse mentions the ger who is helpless, the Torah here also mentions the orphan and the widow who are Jews who are helpless. Furthermore it first says not to upset in the plural grammatical form and then it says if you upset in the singular form. That means whoever sees the orphan or widow being persecuted and doesn’t help them he will also be considered the oppressor.

Ibn Ezra (Shemos 21: 22): If you afflict – The punishment - when one person afflicts another who has no one to protect him – is on everyone [who did not help]. Therefore G d comes after them and in His anger kills all of them….

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  1. Howcome you don't make it clear that the ibn ezra makes it clear that he's talking about only the cases the torah mentions?


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