Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ramchal - free-will is only to do mitzvos or sins

Ramchal (Maamar HaIkkarim 6): It important to know that man’s actions can be divided into two categories. The first category is that which is either good or bad because it is either a commandment or a sin. The second category are those actions which are neither inherently good or bad because they are not connected with a mitzva or sin. Concerning those actions which are connected to a mitzva or a sin – a man has total free﷓will and he is not forced in any way. In these matters G﷓d watches whether man observes His commandments and rewards or punishes him accordingly. However for those matters which are not connected to mitzva or sin – man is no different than other creatures in being influenced by environmental forces. He can be forced to act in a certain manner – whether it is to preserve mankind or to provide him with reward or punishment according to what he deserves. Thus G﷓d supervises everything, judges everything and makes necessary decrees…

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