Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Publicizing child molesters with an internet "Wall of Shame"


At first glance, Tnu Ligdol Besheket (Let them grow in quiet) looks like your average community website intent on fighting some local cause or another.

A quote from 16th-century British philosopher Francis Bacon pointing out that “knowledge is power” sits in a green-bordered box on the left-hand side of the home page, a short introduction highlights the goals of the site and a nearby menu offers up options such as “What does the law say?” and “Further links.”

Upon closer inspection, however, and after clicking on an almost comical menu option entitled “Wall of Shame,” a controversial page opens up a spread of more than 80 thumbnail photographs of gruff-looking men who have either been convicted or suspected of sex crimes against children. As the mouse hovers over each picture, the name of the man appears and another click leads to a brief explanation of his crime, when he was released from prison and where he lives.

“The argument is always that pedophiles need quiet and a chance to rehabilitate after they are released from prison, but we believe that it is the children that need quiet and should be protected, not the men,” says Debbie, one of the main people behind the website, which went live in November and has an accompanying Facebook group of the same name. [...]

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  1. This nightmare is a chilul Hashem.This has made a mockery of our Torah.We have lost faith in our Rabbi's.How many of my friends have i lost.Either gone off the derech,or committed suicide,became strippers,drug addicts,suffer from so many different type of illnesses,or have becomne predators themselves!!!!How can the communities close their eyes?How do Rabbi's feel rachmanus for the murderer but not the innocent neshamas that have been murdered!!!and the mother's and father's who have to deal with their children been robbed forever!How do we stand yom kippur and even think of asking for mashiach or mechila when we have pushed away the sweetest neshamas by our silence.yasher Koach for doing this...and may in this zhus that we stand strong as a people against the autracities that have shamed our people and desecrated G-d's name.May these monsters be rid of their yetser hara and come forth in viduy and desire to change...
    p.s. as a mother who has undergone torurous cries and nights trying to calm my 2 girls who have been molested and torturd by their "pious" father.A man who stands for emes in his community.As i write this i beg you all that when you all put your kinderlach to bed atnight think of those who are being robbed of their childhood forever.At your shabbos table and shabbos candles cry for the children whose shabbos is the worst time,for thats when "He" gets to hurt them...and as aour courts are corrupted and Rabbis and communities turn a passive ear and blind eye.Know that people die of accidents and cancer because the tumah that has poisoned our society is not that of internet or immodesty but of this false twisted sheker...Torah is eitz chayim!Torah is the eyes!Torah is sam chaim and these rabbis have been making it sam hamaves!How can one question why moschiach doesnt come?i ask how can mashiach come?!it is not the christian or muslims who defile is our ugloiness.If you want to be part of the geulah then when truth comes knocking onyour door be the first to stand up.Even if your Rabbi tells you not too!!stand up becasue Hashem's being stomped on!when we die we will have looked at our opportunities and moments of empowerment to be a link in the future's not as complicated as you think!it's in your i write i'm crying for the children who never got a chance,and those who never have done teshuva,and for the Rabbi's who thus far have failed to lead us!!!!so now is our time to liberate ourselves.


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