Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yisroel Weingarten: Translation of the Zeitung article regarding the visit of major rabbonim

I want to thank the translator who sent me this for completion. This is an unfortunate illustration of great men refusing to acknowledge the horrible and bitter reality of abuse - especially by someone who is a respected member of the community. Abusers typically are not repulsive monsters who hide in the shadows - they are typically friends and family brothers and husbands - teachers and community leaders.

Historic trip to the "valley of the shadow of death" to visit the great rabbi and scholar Yisroel Moshe Weingarten  in prison in Virginia. The most prominent of them was the great scholar Rav Moshe Green  - who despite being in very poor health -  traveled with great rabbis and activists to  bring a  letter of encouragement from Rav Tuvia Weiss the leader of the Eida Chardis in Jerusalem. 

An extraordinary, historic trip occurred this week onTuesday, when great rabbis and activists led by the great scholar Rabbi Moshe Green  went down to Virgina in order to visit the famous member of the yeshiva world and prominent Torah educator - the great scholar and tzadik Rabbi Israel Moshe Weingarten . He was rosh yeshiva of Netivot Hatalmud and produced many distinguished students who are now Torah scholars and G-d fearing men. He is unfortunately  now languishing in prison

This distinguished rosh yeshiva the great scholar Rabbi Yisrael Weingarten  is greatly treasured and cherished by all  the gedolim  that he has  become acquaintanced with - such as the Satmer Rebbe zt"l, the Minchas Yitzchok  and others. He is responsible for raising up a new righteous generation of. distinguished students who are a glory to the Jewish people.  Unfortunately as is well known he was incarcerated in prison by his wife and one daughter who went astray. They invented terrible lies about him. They decided that at all costs to have this distinguished man thrown in a dark prison for many long years. They thought that in this way they will succeed in leading his other children away from the true religious path because they do not want any more to be under the pious influence of the father, - as they in fact declared publicly in court. With the help of some government officials, they thought of a way that he should not be able to defend himself, and sent him to prison for 30 years..

The terrible slanderous stories which circulated for a long time were heard by the distinguished rabbis  including Rav Chaim Kreiswirth of  Antwerp, and Rav Tuvia Weis of Jerusalem. After a very thorough investigation they reached the clear and certain conclusion according to Daas Torah that these stories were no more than slanderous lies. Furthermore they ruled that it was a terrible sin to make these accusations against such a distinguished person and awesome Torah scholar..

When these slanderers saw that the Jewish courts were not taken in by their lies and sinister plans they did not hesitate to leave the path of Torah and go to a non-Jewish court. As is well known these courts are a place which clearly manifest the inherent hatred that non-Jews have for Jews. The judge did not allow him to defend himself and consequently he sentenced him to the horrible punishment of 30 years imprisonment..

In attendance at this trial were many loyal Jews who were supervised by Rav Tuvia Weiss  - who had been informed of this horrible situation from the beginning. He wanted to speak in tribute and honor of this great Torah scholar, Rav Yisroel Moshe. However the judge refused this request  when he arrogantly made this cruel ruling - even though Rav Weiss is one of the greatest Torah authorities of the Jewish people..


  1. Qustions.1)did you get copyright permission to translate?2)don't you know yiddish?

  2. I think there are several possible cases whereby this "distinguished rosh yeshiva and great scholar" would be liable to the death penalty in Torah law:

    1) Incest (arayot)

    2) Kidnapping

    3) Rape (raping a forbidden relative as opposed to willful relations).

  3. I happen to know personally some of these great rabbonim involved very well and for a very long time. I can only add, that although there is no doubt about their great learning, I am not at all surprised that they are so 'gullible'.

  4. "according to Daas Torah that these stories were no more than slanderous lies"

    One of the Rebbes of all the persons involved, who was considered as a Gadol , also used his "DT" to forbid his flock of Hasidim to leave Hungary before and during WW2.

  5. The Tzitung article was much longer with many details about the visit to the jail. It also had had the text of the letter from R. Tuvia Weiss. I am told that roughly the same story was published in the the Blatt, the weekly Yidish newspaper of the Aaron Titlebaum/KJ faction of Satmar. I have not confirmed that it actually appeared there. A similar version of the story is also being played on Yiddish news phone services in Brooklyn.

    What is amazing is that they manage to ignore that Weingarten is in jail for repeatedly moving his teen daughter over international borders to sexually exploit her in many different ways. According to Rabbi Mordechai Stauber, the Principal of the Satmar Bais Rochel School in Antwerp, in 1996 Weingarten confessed to acts that were "almost literal giluy arayos d'oraisa (Biblically prohibited incest)." Based on that the Gavad of Antwerp, R. Weiss forbade him to be b'yichud with his teen daughter. After his family moved to Israel, he returned to Antwerp with just his daughter, supposed needing her help to pack up for a whole summer. Weingarten was then kicked out the Satmar community in Antwerp. All this was stated in a letter from Rabbi Stauber in Antwerp to Rabbi Shmuel Wosner in Monsey. See here for translation http://wp.me/pFbfD-pf . Rabbi Eidensohn, you have my permission to post my complete translation on Daas Torah.

    How can people call Weingarten a tzadik?

    I have done several posts about Weingarten and I intend to do more. Obviously some influential people are trying to rehabilitate his reputation. We cannot allow such lies to go unchallenged.


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