Monday, January 3, 2011

Child abuse in Israel העונש לפדופיל החרדי: גירוש מתחומי העיר



העונש לפדופיל החרדי: גירוש מתחומי העיר
בנו של רב ידוע נחשד בביצוע מעשים מגונים בנערים אותם הדריך, אבל בישיבה העדיפו לטפל בכביסה המלוכלכת בבית ולא התלוננו במשטרה

 מקרים של חשדות כבדים למעשי פדופיליה מגיעים באופן כמעט אוטומטי לחקירת משטרה, אבל כשמדובר בבנו של רב חרדי בכיר וידוע בבני ברק, זה אינו מובן מאליו. הוריו של הצעיר, הנמצא בשנות ה-20 לחייו, דחפו אותו להתחתן ועודדו אותו לעבור לגור לשכונה חרדית בנתניה, שם הוא מצא עבודה כמדריך בישיבה.


  1. It look that the hassidim in this case follows r' Scheinberg (Tropper's rabbi) psak...

    כי המקרה הזה נחשב כקל יחסית מאחר ולא היה מדובר בעשרות צעירים שנפגעו אלא רק בבודדים וכי המגע בין המדריך לבינם כלל "נגיעות בלבד" ולא יחסים מלאים.

    ...It is light case... because there was no full intercourse only "touching"

    אלא שבגלל קשר השתיקה בציבור החרדי, בני ברק הפכה לבירת הפדופיליה של ישראל. העיר היא אבן שואבת לעברייני מין,

    ...Bnei Brak is the capital of
    pedophilia and a magnet for sex predators.

    oh well...

  2. Since this seems to have no end to it, and is not confined to any one sector, we have seen haredi, Dati Leumi, reform etc all involved in various types of abuse. I wish to ask a question:

    There is an oft quoted Gemara which says "the greater the man, the greater his (evil) inclination".

    Is anyone able to explain this in modern psychological terms or plain language?

  3. It is not just bnei brak that is a magnet - it can be anywhere, can be a yeshiva or a secular school anywhere.
    The problem is the hesitance , especially amongst datiim , to go to the authorities. There have been several high profile cases in the DL world, including in Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva about 10 years ago. In that case, the Roshei Yeshiva were questioned by the Police for tampering with evidence and perverting the course of Justice. The famous Chaim Druckman was also implicated in the cover up!
    One of the abused students was interviewed in a newspaper, he said he was threatened by other students and Rebbeim, that if he cooperated with the police, he would not find a shidduch, or a job.
    Perverts and criminals are attracted to any place where they can commit their evil. And having a position of authority allows them to do it with much greater efficiency, eg the ex President.

  4. There have been several high profile cases in the DL world

    Indeed, however, the DL has Takana, an organization of DL rabbis from their full spectrum which are doing their best to deal with this issue.

    They usually recommend to to the police, they put r' Elon out of circulation and outed him when he did not keep his part of the deal.

    The haredi world has nothing even close to it.

  5. Yes, Takans grew out of the the cases which arose a decade ago.

    Well, perhaps this make religious Jews feel (relatively) good about themselves:,7340,L-3993236,00.html

    85% of seculars: We cheat on partners

    Two separate surveys find majority of married Israelis committed adultery in the past, present or don't rule out possibility they will cheat in future. Women cheat just as much as men



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