Thursday, May 13, 2010

Abuse - 'Starving mother' accepts plea bargain


Plea bargain reached even after the last moment – in the corridors of the court. A woman accused of starving her son accepted a plea bargain on Thursday after evidence was presented at Jerusalem's Magistrate's Court, including testimony from the doctor who cared for the child.

Dr. Michael Weintraub described the terrible state to which the child had deteriorated, and it seems this may have prompted the renewed efforts to agree to a plea bargain she had previously rejected on advice from her rabbis.

According to the agreement, the mother will be under house arrest for three years, and kept away from the children for five years except under conditions to be determined for visiting. She is also expected to undergo medical treatment. After two years, if she meets the conditions of the plea bargain, she will be able to see her children in their house under observation for a few hours each day.


  1. This is a complete victory for the mother and Jewish community. The zionists were forced to admit they could not jail an innocent mom.

  2. How did such a heroine turn into a plea bargain. It sure sounds like the original protests were not justified. If so, the public is owed a public apology. I say this not to humble the militants but to educate the youth.

    Of course that would involve admitting fallibility something that seems out of fashion.


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