Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rav Moshe Sternbuch: No Hespedim for molesters

Rav Sternbuch said someone that is known with certainty to be a molester should not have hespedim and he can be quoted on this psak.

I had asked him this question several months ago and he confirmed today that this is his view and added that it can be publicized.


  1. Yasher koach, Reb Doniel. This p'sak should be publicized as much as possible. I take some small pride in working with you (and another choshuv rabbi) in presenting this question to Rav Shternbuch. And yasher koach, of course, to Rav Shternbuch.

    Every means possible needs to be utilized to eradicate the evil of child sex abuse, and that includes this type of communal humiliation. It might be enough to compel one person to call the police; or for a molester to bring himself in for therapy and management; for a citizen to warn a neighborhood; to get people talking.

    Elliot Pasik, Esq.
    President, Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, Inc.
    Long Beach, NY 11561

  2. Of course it is key to remember Rav Shternbuch shlita said this only applies when "that is known with certainty".

  3. I have a self admitted child molestor who davens in my shule. Heard he claims regret and claims he did tishuvoh.
    What bothers me ( besides that they allow him to daven there) is that they give him aliyos, announce his simchas, etc... Is that right? Shouldn't he just sit in his seat and keep to himself ? Does he deserve respect? When he says borchu, I don't respond , he makes me sick!

  4. My problem is as follows. I have a self admitted child molestor who davens in my shule ( that is bad enough) problem is, they give him aliyos, they announce his simchas, he even lained once. Is that right? Isn't it bad enough that I have to see him? Does he deserve any respect? When he says borchu, I do not respond!
    What is the psak on this?

  5. This post is getting mileage. It also appears on Frum Follies and Hirhurim, and one frum newspaper will likely do a story next week.

  6. Even if it's known with certainty that he had molested people, but perhaps he did tshuva before he died.

  7. I hardly think that an active molester would be very deterred about the threat of "communal humiliation" of lack of "hespedim" after he's dead.

    We should be looking for a SANCTIONED form of "communal humiliation" while he's still alive!

  8. What criteria do we use to determine certainty?


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