Monday, May 3, 2010

Interview with HaRav Ruderman, zt"l

Neil Harris wrote to anther list
I recently found a great website, that is hosting a recording of R Ruderman zt'l, a talmid of Slabodka, being asked questions about the Alter.
The link is:
I found it to be quite revealing and blogged about it, as well, here.



  1. It is 2 chofetz chaim graduates, asking R. Ruderman the same 3 questions over and over again about musar, chumros, and modern dress.
    R. Ruderman is very nice and patient with them.
    There is some interesting information on it e.g. his take on R. Aaron Kotler (not Slabodka but not against college), R. Hutner (wanted to be a Rebbe), and the Lakewood yeshivas (not even following R. Aaron's shita).
    Also, there are some interesting stories about Slabodka and the Alter. He expresses the Alter's absolute opposition to chasidus.
    There is an interesting story about kol isha at R. Ruderman's visit to Rabbi Elozor Mayer Preil the Father in law of R. Mordechai Pinchas Teitz in Elizabeth NJ, and what supposedly happened when R. Boruch Ber visited.
    (There is another version of that story though from R. Teitz's daughter that R. Boruch Ber -like R. Ruderman but for a different reason- stayed while they sung.)

  2. Thank you for linking, R Eidensohn.


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