Monday, January 28, 2019

Abortion Dr Steinberg

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  1. Kalonymus AnonymusJanuary 28, 2019 at 4:58 PM

    Rav Milevsky ztl says:
    Answering Reform and Conservative (5 July 1990): Lo Beshamayim Hee. Halacha changes. Mayim Achronim. Korach made fun of Moshe about a Tallis that is all techelet. White is Mitzvot, blue is intention. Techelet does not prevent the white. Action is the main part. The man who gathered on Shabbat was Leshem Shamayim but was wrong. You can't do a sin for the right reason,(Nefesh HaHayim) the spirit of the law is secondary to the doing of the law. This is why the gatherer story is adjacent to tzitzit. (This was an attack of the Hasidim who said that even after matan torah the spirit is primary.) Korah said we are on a different level from Moshe, we need to apply the Law using our minds. And there are times not to apply the Law. We can't rely on Moshe, we are on a new level. His rule are for his Level. Real people need to make rulings for real life.k Why does Korah rebel now (Ibn Ezra) Because a gap had developed between the Am and Moshe. (reject the manna, Meraglim) Answer is parshat huchat, even if don't understand. Rashi in chukat, for 21 verses explains one way. without reasons for laws. the he brings medrash explaing how mother cow purifies her son. etc. Rashi contradicts self, is there a reason or no reason. Answer. First accept the laws, then try to find reasons, but that is not the essence. Removing Bameh Madlikim vs. Removing Korbanot in Shacharit. Is the intention just to break from tradition. Haaveh Metunim Badin. Altar has ramp.


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