Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Trump attacks McChrystal after retired general called Trump immoral


In one of his first tweets of the new year, President Donald Trump attacked retired four-star Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal after he criticized the President on Sunday.
"'General' McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama," Trump tweetedTuesday morning. "Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!"
Trump was retweeting a post from Fox News' Laura Ingraham sharing a story headlined "Media Didn't Like McChrystal Until He Started Bashing Trump."
    The commander in chief's name-calling comes after McChrystal said during an interview Sunday that Trump was dishonest and immoral.
    "I don't think he tells the truth," McChrystal told ABC's Martha Raddatz on "This Week." When asked if he thought Trump was immoral, McChrystal responded: "I think he is."
    "What I would ask every American to do is again, stand in front of that mirror and say, what are we about?," McChrystal continued. "Am I really willing to throw away or ignore some of the things that people do that are pretty unacceptable normally just because they accomplish certain other things that we might like. If we want to be governed by someone we wouldn't do a business deal with because they're their background is so shady, if we're willing to do that then that's in conflict with who I think we are."
    "And so I think it's necessary in those times to take a stand," he said.


    1. Once the generals are out of the service and become political animals, they expose themselves to flak from the President. Democracy. That's how it works.

    2. General McCrystal is very moral personally. (sarcasm)
      Had to resign when caught having an affair.

    3. proof?

      are you saying since trump is a n immoral person he is immune from criticism?!


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