Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The real politics behind the Covington Catholic controversy, explained


The Covington Catholic fight is American politics in microcosm.

Why is the Covington Catholic controversy still the nation’s biggest story?
It started simply enough. A short viral video shot on Friday shows a group of white teens in “Make America Great Again” hats surrounding a small group of Native American demonstrators, including an elder from the Omaha tribe named Nathan Phillips. One of the kids, identified as Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, gets up in Phillips’s face and smirks, unaffected by Phillips’s drumming. It looks like a straightforward story of privileged racist white kids harassing a peaceful Native protester.
But shortly after the clip went viral, to universal and at times vitriolic condemnation, a pushback began in right-of-center media. They argued that mainstream media and left-wing activists alike were being unfair to the kids, who were actually defending themselves from insults and harassment from a separate group of protesters, members of the fringe Black Israelite movement. Even President Trump weighed in:


  1. The much of the media and Leftists lynched theze kids.

  2. Donald Trump has been calling the press “fake news” for three years, with some success among his supporters.

    In three days, the press has managed to convince every libertarian or centrist Republican I know—most of them not Trump supporters—that on this topic at least, the President is entirely correct.

  3. Including Daniel Eidensohn.

  4. only trump and his supporters believe that

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    Interesting the history of Ezra. America is falling apart. See

    Europe is also falling apart while, thank G-d, Israel is blooming. See

  6. Where I live in suburban DC there used to be laws, not too long ago, that restricted the sale and rental of real estate to certain groups of people. Beaches in some parts of the State were segregated into the '60's I've been told.

    We are moving back to separation of races. Based on news coversge of the school boys, as well as a myriad of other fake news stories, the smart thing to do when confronted by trannies, homos, and any other self described oppressed minority is to quickly dance away in the opposite direction.

  7. Ahh, so Whoopie Goldberg and her friends are supporters of President Trump? Naturally, you will just dig in your heels, not admitathat you were wrong, and not show the integrity that you used to be known for.

  8. I am not a Trump supporter and I believe that.


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