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Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: The big lie that 2 of the 3 original judges appeared.

update: Listen to Rabbi Lichter's testimony at end of post -link fixed

Rivky Stein's Facebook page acknowledges - that despite Yoel's demand that the original 3 dayanim that claimed he was in cherem and had to give a get - that all three did not appear. But her claim is that 2 of the judges did show. 

That is a lie - and I challenge them to produce evidence that it is true. Furthermore the beis din does not exist. There is no such thing as the Mill Basin Beis Din and nobody has every heard of the beis din or the 3 dayanim who are listed on the cherem and seruv.

 Rivky's Facebook Page
 Enough of the lies!

Yoel publicly summoned Rivky to the Beit Din, inviting even the press. He stated that he would show up today at 12pm to issue Rivky an unconditional Get. Yoel was informed that Rivky would be there. He was aware of the correct address. The Beit Din went into action and made all necessary arrangements to make sure that the Sofer, Eidim and Dayanim were present. Two of the three dayanim (Rabbi Goodman and Rabbi Abales ) were present while Rabbi Taub is sitting Shiva for his mother in Israel and therefore could not come. A different Dayan from the same Beit Din was there in his place.

Yoel would know all of this, but Yoel never showed up. He lied!

Stop spreading his lies for him. Demand that Rivky be allowed her freedom!

Rabbi Lichter - the sofer who did show up - is well known and in fact writes most of the gittin in New York. However he never heard of this Mill Basin beis din or the 3 dayanim who signed the cherem before. So even if batlonim were recruited  as a beis din - they have no competence as a beis din and surely they are incompetent to deal with gittin. The incompetence of the beis din is clear from the fact that the documents they supposedly wrote violate halacha as I have previously posted.

As a consequence of Yoel refusing to show up - when the beis din he demanded for 3 weeks prior to the event were not present - Rivky and her supporters have called Yoel a liar. The  reporter for the New York Daily News Reuven Blau - who views himself as knowledgable about Jewish law - argued with Yoel that there is no need for the original 3 to show up can be heard in the recording in a previous post. This shows that the reporter is clearly biased since  he involved himself in the matter and even tried forcing Yoel by threatening to reveal Yoel's noncompliance if he didn't give the get!

What is clear to all - except for Rivky and her supporters - is that Yoel's primary focus in the meeting was to show that the Beis Din did not exist and that it is a fraud that Rivky and her supporters perpetrated. As Rav Moshe Feinstein and others state - normally a get is given after all issues are settled. In this case all issues have not been settled and Yoel simply wanted to show the that beis din was a fraud.

For Rivky to come with another beis din or to come with part of the original beis din - did not fulfill Yoel's conditions. In addition to not coming with the original beis din - she lied. She was fully aware that she was lying when she said that 2 of the 3 original dayanim showed up.

To demonstrate that Rivky is lying, I have a recording of the sofer Rabbi Lichter - shown below with Rivky - that verifies my claims that not even 2 of the orignal beis din showed up. 
Rabbi Lichter's testimony about the 10 of Av meeting


  1. Verification of AddressAugust 10, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    Please post asap. Thank you. תזכו למצוות.
    BTW , I saw yesterday in RR-FB one version of their lies that says «it was verified with the Scribe rabbi Goodman, who was there as one of the dayanim, that the בית דין was there etc.»
    Hmmm, how can you not have the בושה to keep lying עד לב השמים so openly and so contradictory;
    A) till we saw that (that new lie), we ALL knew that the scribe was no-one else than rabbi Lichter.
    B) they themself posted right away his picture with describing him as rabbi Lichter.
    C) Besides, that like it was just posted by דעת תורה that he's the one famous סופר that writes most of the גיטין in New York for so many years, so his face is already very familiar to the public as rabbi Lichter.
    D) if he's rabbi Lichter, how can you now lie and say such a open lie that it was supposedly verified with the scribe who was Rabbi {Goodman}?!
    H) if to believe (that lie) that Rabbi {Goodman} was the scribe, then how can you say that he was one of the dayanim. Pls decide (your lie) was he the scribe or the dayan of B"D, as it suppose to be 2 different ppl;
    E) a dayan & a Sofer/scribe have totally different types of qualifications.
    F) Pls decide who was the scribe? Goodman or Lichter?
    G) you're now making a fool of the esteemed Rabbi Lichter (that came ערליך to perform the עבודת הקודש that he was retained for) by now calling him Goodman and trying to use him as part of your B"D forgery stink.
    Rabbi Eidenson, pls correct me if I'm somewhere mistaken and/or pls add what I'm missing.....

  2. At the end of the day, Stein ADMITTED that the "beis din" that showed up was NOT the original beis din. She claims two of the original three showed up (and she had one replacement member) while he maintains they told him on the phone that none of the three were there. Either way everyone acknowledges the original three weren't all there. And Weiss never agreed to a replacement beis din. And Stein cannot impose her chosen beis din upon the other party to the case (Weiss) against his will. Halachicly, both parties get input into the composition of the beis din. One party cannot halachicly impose their choice upon the other party.

    As far as the qualifications (Yoreh Yoreh, Yadin Yadin, etc.) of these so-called "dayanim", whomever they may or may not be, considering that no one yet has heard of them or know who they are or even recognize their names or where they are from or who their affiliations are with, and they refuse to answer any attempts to contact them or requests for their purported qualification, this is indeed a mystery!

  3. Yoel failed to prove that the beith din did not exist. That's why it was not a good idea not to show up. Not showing up nixed his whole plan.

  4. Rabbi Lichter was paid to come to help facilitate Get by being being the Sofer writing it. There is nothing wrong with his having accepted the job. He had no need to know who the b'd is or isn't our any other background information or lack of background information about the parties to the Get and/or if there was our wasn't any prior dispute in the matter. He was simply hired to do a job and that's all he came for. He lends neither side in the dispute any credibility by his simply being there to do the job he was hired for.

  5. Oooo this is getting more and more exciting with every post! Yoel is gonna win this thing KO! He pulled that old boxing move where the opponent beats on him round after round wearing her self out while he saves his strength for the last round and then BOOM he comes in with the one two and she's down for the count!

    I should of bet money on this thing I would of come out with 480 mil.

  6. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 10, 2014 at 5:05 PM

    So what's the end game ? Anyone ? He proved it. She lied. Who cares ? If he's not with her, why hold on to her ? Are there financial issues ? Visitation issues ? If there are, spell them out. If not, why not give her a get? I am sure it makes no difference to her which beis din does the get. Perhaps he is worried about getting an Aliyah, after being put into a bogus cherem ? Is that what's holding this up ? Sinah mikalkeles Es hashura. Or is it a payday he is looking for ? If it is, let him put that on the table. I actually like the internet as a place to expose

  7. Daat Torah, your blog is ridiculous. You keep focusing on "she lied she lied".

    Who CARES.

    Give a woman her Get.

    Yoel is a lowlife.

    DaatTorah, you do NOT represent Yiddishkeit in the least and this blog is proof. The reason why you don't get as many comments on your blog is bc many do not AGREE with you.

  8. Audio proves nothing... lichter just says he doesn't know or care (why should he?). If anything it shows the opposite because they casually seem to have told him 2 of three were there. Anyhow..he brought the witnesses so u know it would be kosher! He knows like everyone that all u need for a get is a competent sofer and witnesses!

  9. Well there's children involved. If u were getting a divorce from a psycho would u give a get before getting full custody of them in order to save there minds from being twisted and warped by some fruitcake nut?

    Not saying that's for sure the reason as Yoel has been very private about this issue except for saying what is absolutely nessasary to say in order to save his rep in this affair which he did not make public in The first place.

    There's a lot to consider before the get; children, lawsuit, etc. Just cause he doesn't think it's news that we have to know these things doesn't mean they don't exist.

    None of this was any bodies business except Yoel's and Rivkys in the first place. Just because she decided to make it a public issue doesn't mean he decided the same thing. He mearly got dragged into the public unwillingly and for that he has said more than hen enough already.

  10. @Mickey - why would a person who thought they were intelligent spend time on a ridiculous blog making comments about nonsensical topic that no one cares about. Please do us all a favor and go to another blog

  11. Audio proves nothing

    It proves many things.
    What was the purpose of taking pictures of Rabbi Lichter when he asked he not be photographed?

    It proves the whole scheme was on bi hoax.

  12. Why was Weiss badgering Licter on the phone? He clearly has nothing to do with the dispute.

  13. Daat Torah- I can confidently ask you the same thing. Why would an "intelligent" person such as yourself spend time making a useless blog and spreading sheker. You are known for refusing to post many comments which do not agree with you and your articles are emotional and rooted without logic.

    I suggest you go and contemplate your stances on life topics bc you seem to be very mixed up.

    And I waste my time on this blog and comment so that ppl can know that a lot of ppl out there DO NOT agree with you.

  14. BTW, even if her lie were true and 2 of the 3 did show up, she should have rescheduled it for another date when all three were available. She knew all along that all three being there was a very strong condition for the event to take place. Yet she admits that she knew in advance that all three were NOT available that day (supposedly because one was sitting shiva) and yet instead of rescheduling as Weiss offered her to choose another date, she instead decided to make a political scene rather than her being sincere.

  15. "There is nothing wrong with his having accepted the job. He had no need to know who the b'd is or isn't or any other background information or lack of background information about the parties to the Get and/or if there was our wasn't any prior dispute in the matter. He was simply hired to do a job and that's all he came for. He lends neither side in the dispute any credibility by his simply being there to do the job he was hired for."

    Once again Moe with his totally Agudah attitude is going completely k'neged halocho.Would Moe agree that the sofer(im) who wrote mendel epstein's gittin was oyver aveirohs because he knew the get was a get me'useh and not worth anything? if a sofer has reason to suspect the bais din is violating halochoh how can he be part of it? If nothing else he is being mitztareff to reshoim which is ossur.

    In this case I am not saying the sofer did anything wrong but Moe's blanket statement is incorrect and unacceptable.

  16. "Rabbi" Eidensohn- by refusing to post *many* of my comments on your blog (and therefore only giving yourself the right to defend yourself and show only your stubborn opinion), you have indeed convinced me to "go to another blog".

    See ya.

    Feel bad for all of you who stick around to waste your time here.

  17. The fact that the sleazebag Reuven Blau involved himself in the story is an extremely serious violation of basic journalistic code of ethics. This should be brought to the attention of the Daily News. Whether they'll fire our discipline him is a question whether the NYDN uphold any journalistic ethics. And the fact that Blau actually can be heard threatening Weiss that if he doesn't do what he demands and show up then he will extricate

  18. Verification of AddressAugust 10, 2014 at 9:25 PM

    eLamdan. We're you there?

  19. Verification of AddressAugust 10, 2014 at 9:28 PM

    ענה לכסיל כאולתו , very impressed of that reply from DT to Mickey.

  20. I agree with this last post, Guy.

    Just for the Record,
    There is a Benjamin Abelesz , Brooklyn, NY in Williamsburg
    There is a Yehoshua Goodman , Flushing, NY
    There are some Joshua Goodman(s) in New York, NY and in Lawrence, NY, Great Neck, NY, Astoria, NY, Bronx, NY (popular name!)
    There are 2 Chaim Taub(s) in Brooklyn, NY - one in Boro Park

    they actually used some of these to create the seruv?? Not that it's
    binding or anything.... but just saying they don't exist could backfire... As I understand
    it, 3 kosher adult Jewish males can "create" a halachic beis din, regardless of
    their qualifications!!

    Cross your t's, and dot your i's, before
    making further public promises. True, it's a smear campaign, but people
    apparently believe what was posted on facebook. It's true they basically
    admitted that those exact 3 people were not actually there, but they
    claim "Yoel lied"... because he didn't actually 'SHOW UP' as he
    originally said he would... even to CHECK if the 3 men were there, which
    is what he said he would do. It's true they messed with the address to
    obfuscate things. But on facebook, they clearly stated a real address the
    day before, so they could say that you knew the right address, and
    further make you look bad, if you go ahead and do exactly what you said you would do.

    Trying to prove Rivky is a liar in the
    court of public opinion, is actually being ignored by people who think a
    get should be given upon request. They don't care that she could not
    possibly have gone to check if Yoel was at the address that doesn't exist - (and imply that the photograph is in front of there?!) Some of those people hate men, some are just ignorant of halacha, and some of them, like "Asher Pihem" above say it's just the decent thing to do - (even if they apparently see no reason to say so in a decent way). Regardless, getting pumped up to prove things, isn't going to get you
    the validation you may deserve. You don't need to be the poster boy for DT's valiant efforts to publicize the real halachos to the masses.

    You are just being drawn into the drama,
    and the spectacle. Normal divorce arrangements shouldn't be dictated by
    anonymous people on the internet! She shouldn't be lying, and you
    shouldn't be needing to prove yourself. Of course I'm just another
    anonymous person on the web. But I don't think you should let people who
    are "enjoying the show" be the ones to give you advice. They get their vicarious entertainment, and you still have a personal burden on your head, which your children may read someday, and interpret however they choose.

    anger is understandable, but the reality is, no amount of
    vindictiveness or "outing a liar" will ever make it better. Once it
    becomes a game of "winning", and let's see who's smarter... reputations
    get sullied even further. Playing in the mud makes you dirty, even if
    you didn't start there. Any gimmicks that you produce online
    unfortunately feed into the accusations that you enjoy (and possibly enjoyed in the past) mind
    games... which just makes you look like you have a really mean streak.
    People ignore or just entirely miss the point you are trying to make, and only see a person who
    is not acting productively to get this over with.

    If you know you
    are doing the right thing towards bringing this to a reasonable and
    fair end, and you are focused on accomplishing it... then just continue
    to do that.

    Your name has been smeared publicly, so you certainly
    have every right (or obligation) to publicly state that the accusations
    are not true, and reiterate (as loudly and clearly as you want!) that
    you are entitled to work out all the private details before the get, and
    that you are working toward that end. That's all. End of Story.

    The details are nobody's business, no matter how curious they are.

  21. Feel bad for all of you who stick around to waste your time here.

    Thanks for your empathy.

    your stubborn opinion

    Is anyone projecting their attitudes on others? Hmmm.

  22. Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn shlita has a very liberal comment approval policy that not only allows comments that strongly dispute his own position, but even often allows comments that attack him viciously with untruths.

  23. Yes, Epsteins henchmen including his sofer are equally culpable because they all bore witness to the beatings and all. In this case, as you can see from the above recording, the sofer thought this was a normal Get and didn't know it was contentious.

  24. That was Weiss' point. He wanted to demonstrate that the soccer was not supporting (and didn't even know) the wife's position.

  25. She needs to first stop attempting to prevent him from seeing his children. And stop having him arrested on false police charges and a phony RICO suit. And stop attempting to steal his money with her lawsuits against him. And perhaps,even, she is a psychological danger to his kids that her having custody is a danger to the children.

    These issues must first be satisfactorily resolved according to Halacha before a Get is given.

  26. Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn is speaking and spreading the truth in face of a media onslaught against an innocent husband by an evil vicious wife using a public relations firm to plant false salacious stories in secular tabloids that live off scandals, especially ones that make Jews look horrible.

  27. Verification of AddressAugust 10, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    Robin. Were you there ?

  28. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 12:47 AM

    There are real issues, and then there are perceived issues.

    Visitation is a constant issue. It goes on long after any Get. If one is paranoid enough, he will never give a Get, because perhaps she won't let him see the kids later. Yet, there are thousands of divorces. Usually it takes time, and things fall into place. Sometimes the initial agreement works short term, sometimes long term. Some times it doesn't work at all. Usually issues come up later anyways. Such is life. Does that justify not giving a get ?

    Same is with money. Halachically, the man pays Schar Limud and Mezonos, and if the woman is not a Moredes, Kesuba. The courts have their own laws. If she is out to rip him off, it may be understood why he wants to solve everything halachically first. If there are no REAL issues, if the monies are approximately fair, he still can wait his whole lifetime before giving a Get, and blame her for it not being perfect halachically, really or in his perception of Halacha. Mitzva livtzoa.

    Many times the husband is not fair when it comes to making payments. Many times deals are forced upon women at the threat of not giving a Get. So it works both ways.

    Either way, withholding a get doesn't guarantee to solve those issues. Especially when it's been a few years, and everyone digs in. He may save a few dollars, but she may make his relationship with his kid/s impossible. Everyone cries foul!!

    I am for giving a Get, unless there are REAL issues. Otherwise, it's usually the guy just looking for money, not that the woman is a saint, but that's not the point.

  29. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 1:17 AM

    what I found out from the above conversation of rabbi Lichter w/y. Weiss :
    1) rabbi Lichter (of the above pic) was there hired as the scribe and not Goodman.
    2) rabbi Lichter was the Scribe and ONLY the scribe and not the dayan (so again, for sure not Dayan Goodman.
    3) Rabbi Lichter brought along w/him 2 more unidentified ppl to be the עדים .
    4) rabbi Lichter said that he knows one of the rabbis that came, his name is Berlusconi . He didn't know about this Berlin having been performing under any b"d.
    5) he knew that one of the guys said to y Weiss that he's Srul Forkosh .
    6) he also said there was there one guy that he arranged this whole gathering (he opted his name) and said that he's a big gangster & a dangerous guy

  30. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 1:58 AM

    I love it. When it comes to frum divorces, every side is automatically a "danger" to the kids. What is obvious to me, is that neither side here is perfect. Not perfect parents. Not perfect human beings. Guess what ? Most of us aren't. This doesn't mean she shouldn't have her kid/s or that he shouldn't have them, or see them, or whatever is agreed upon.

    Not every nonsensical claim that was suggested in court, is to be made into a "reason" not to give a get. I am pretty sure she was being defensive as well. She probably would forgo the 25k a month, the 480m Rico claim, for a Get. Perhaps that was her trying to put pressure on him. The biggest issue here is the lack of communication between sane mediators.

    On a side note, isn't it time for us to have a system for divorce. Why do frum divorces turn into these nastiest, mud slinging, disgusting, spectacles ? All of a sudden they are all unfit parents. No criminal record until they separate, no police report for 15 years of marriage, and all of a sudden, the guy/girl was a monster who is btw shhh shhh psycho. Oh he/she was on medication shhhh. Do we need this type of Motzi Shem Ra in our midst ? Can we get a few honest good Rabbonim, who have only the klal in mind, who involve themselves in solving the Gittin/machlokes crisis? Can the OU put it together ? Can Aguda put it together ? Does it always need to be a circus ? Of course unless it is some Rosh Yeshiva's daughter, or Billionaire's daughter. Then, everyone wakes up to defend the strong, and bury the weak. Does it really have to be this way ??? Really ???

  31. A Get is given, under normative halachic rules and practice, as the last step in a divorce proceeding after all other outstanding issues have been resolved (al pi halacha). Everyone agrees it has not reached that point in this case, so it is still early to expect a Get yet under standard rules and practice (and as enumerated by Rav Moshe).

    If a wife is using the non Jewish courts to unhalachicly deny the father proper access to his children, that very much is a reason to wait till that is resolved before a Get is issued.

    And a multi million dollar lawsuit against the husband is not "mezonos".

    Furthermore, using non Jewish courts instead of beis din is itself a severe violation of halacha.

  32. Hi just wanted to say thanks for all your help Moe Ginsburg and all the other People who post to get the truth

  33. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 4:39 AM

    Yoilie, and what's about me

  34. Moe- apparently you did not listen to the recording of yoeli weiss on rivky FB page when he ADMITTED to RAPING her.

    Enough said.

    I don't care how nuts rivky/yoeli might be.

    A woman deserves her get, not to be chained for life. You are all sick.

    Daat Torah, you can call yourself "rabbi" to whoever you want ("shlita" etc), you are known by many as NOT. You are highly disrespectful and embarrassing to Klal Yisroel. Let's see you post this. Unless it will be one of the many you decide not to.

  35. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 5:01 AM

    But no Abeles, Taub & Goodman in Mill Basin & Marine Park !

  36. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 5:06 AM

    He did the smartest thing not to show bc all those 3 weren't there, but there was there one guy a dangerous gangster, as confirmed by rabbi Lichter, the professional scribe for get.

  37. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 5:26 AM

    Yoel Weiss. I was the one and only one that did really advise you many times thru this site that you shouldn't go in yourself to check the 3 Rabbis , so you shouldn't get trapped in the den of lions. I also made twice calls w/chabad house & came back on this site that they don't have any b"d on their premises.
    Moe and all others gave you slightly different advice, that you should go into the chabad house & verify by yourself the 3 Rabbis identifications & credentials.

  38. Rabbi Michael TzadokAugust 11, 2014 at 5:33 AM

    Perhaps you missed the bit when he said he would gladly give her the Get once she either produces the B"D to have the cherem removed from him, or she admits that she lied. Ball is in her court on that.

    Clearly he says that he will give her the Get, and will make all arrangements to see that it is as noncontentious as possible. However, he does not want to give the Get and leave a Cherem hanging over him with a B"D he has been unable to reach.

  39. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    חוצפני אל תחזור לפה !

  40. Miceky I thought you weren't going to waste your time - or ours anymore? Yoel never admitted to rape. he said that she claimed he raped her.

  41. @Mickey it is amazing that so called abuse advocates are often very abusive people. Yoel did not say he raped his wife he said she made such a claim.

    Your posts have been obsessed with how terribe etc I am. If you can't figure out anything else to say - your future comments will be blocked

  42. Daat Torah- I'm back here to spread truth and refute ridiculous comments that your *few* followers are posting. Guess I just "missed it here too much" ;).

    You are sounding more ridiculous by the day, Rabbi. Basically, I said "there is a recording of him admitting to raping her" and all you have to say to me is "no he didn't."

    I'm not trying to be mean when I say this but don't u see how RIDICULOUS some of your comments are? Do u have Facebook? Did u even HEAR the recording? Obviously you did not. Along with your nuts-o followers.

    Go on Facebook to Rivky's page and THEN maybe you can have the right to open your mouth and say "no he didn't".

    You are seriously embarrassing yourself more and more every day on this site.

  43. Verification of Address thanks i did say for all the people who post on the blog but i will say a personal thanks to you just so you no if rivky wants she can get her three clowns moe larry and curly to go to her lawyer and we can verify who they are we can resolve this problem

  44. In case you do not understand English properly, I will tell you what the recording said...yoeli was ranting in a very non-tznius dik way how he had relations with his wife. In his words "an hour later, I want to have sex with her again. This time she's there saying 'no'...when were done with her, she goes "you know u raped me'".

    Yoeli is an idiot. Listen to the recording. He FULLY SAID that he raped her and obviously admitted that she was "busy saying NO". Not that he cared.

    He's a sick sick guy.

    Go get educated, Rabbi. Go listen to the recording.

  45. I had a number of comments which were very respectful yet disagreed with you. And u chose not to post them. You are obviously VERY biased and have an agenda.

    Very typical of you to only show YOUR side in this website. I am not the only one who thinks this.

  46. Guest post by RaP

    1) Now that you confirmed and came together on August 6 at the "E72nd" Street address in Brooklyn, why didn't the "beit din" papers you sent to Yoel Weiss state that address clearly on all the documents it sent him in the first place, and if it was a mistake, why didn't they issue a clarification?

    2) If the "E72nd" Street address was always the "right address" why was the non-existent address at "E77nd" Street continuously and deliberately typed on all the original documents that were sent to Yoel Weiss by the "beit din" and why did you keep on repeating the wrong (alternate) deceptive address at "E77nd" all the way through, even as the meet-up date on August 6 approached?

    3) Why did you choose the address of a Chabad house at "E72nd" Street as the "official address" of your "beit din" if no Chabad rabbis were involved? Or were they? How was a group of strangers coming for a "get" ceremony let in to the premises if as that Chabad alleges it did not know of any "beit din" -- can you explain this entire perplexing "arrangement"?

    4) Were ALL the original three "rabbis" -- Chaim Taub, David Binyamin Abales, Yehoshua Goodman --on the documents you sent Yoel Weiss present on August 6 at "E72nd" Street? If yes, which ones were there, and if not, why not? Can anyone confirm this reliably and can someone please confirm the backgrounds and credentials (yeshivas where they learned, type of semicha they hold etc) of these supposed "rabbis'?

    5) Why couldn't Yoel Weiss reach any of the original three "rabbis" for months after he had received the documents with his name on it, nor could he reach any of them on the day they supposedly gathered August 6, why was that?

    6) You claimed one of the original rabbis was "sitting shiva in Israel" who was he and why couldn't you provide a phone number to reach him?

    7) Who were the other "rabbis" that you assembled as "alternates" for the "beit din" at "E72nd" Street on August 6 and can this be confirmed by anyone reliable?

    8) Why did the pro-Aguna ORA organization eventually publicly deny any connections with you and your "beit din"?

    9) Why did The Jewish Press a pro-Aguna paper abruptly withdraw its endorsement of your "beit din" without further explanation?

    10) Why did you permit a reporter from the New York Daily News (Blau) to become involved in negotiating on your behalf on August 6? Did you or the "beit din" authorize him to do this? Who (rabbis or poskim, besides your mysterious "beit din") has approved your use of the media as a tool to attack Yoel Weiss?

    11) The name "Uziel (Uzi) Frankel" keeps on being mentioned in relation to you and the "beit din" who is he and what role does he play in all of this?

    12) Do any rabbis in the neighborhoods of Marine Park and Mill Basin, or does any reliable genuine bais din or poskim or gedolim approve of and use or even know about the "Beit Din Zedek of Marine Park & Mill Basin"? If not why not?

  47. @Miceky why are still posting comments?

  48. @Mickey he does not say. that he raped her.

  49. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Then why not say that ? When someone says that he is setting a time, and if she doesn't show she will NEVER recieve a Get, it is unsettling. Also, I don't get it. It seems like the people on the beis din at worst don't exist, at best are three hedyotos who no one heard of. As repulsive as if was on her end to create this sham "beis din", it should be dismissed as nonsense, and have no effect on whether he gives a get. To make this "THE ISSUE" is strangely giving credence to a non existing beis din. Although he is free to do what he wants halachically, I don't get it.

  50. Once again, Dr. Eidensohn focuses on whether she is lying or not instead of addressing the main issue - is Yoel reliable.

    Huh?! The issue is indeed if the person who decided that a serious Beis Din is not the place for her dispute - but the tabloids is, if shes trustworthy or a liar.

    Was her Beis Din one big hoax and a sham? It was! It still is!

    What were you saying?

  51. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    I never suggested for him to go to court as opposed to beis din. Nor did i suggest that halachically he is required to give a GET.

    My argument is twofold.

    1. It is in his best interest to give a Get. (Whether he sees it or not). He obviously can't go on without it. He is holding on to air. There is no practical marriage. He is just holding on to his "right" to stay in this sham "marriage". It can't be good for him on just about any level, other than revenge, or if he is looking for money. Even if he is looking for money, he should request it, (be open about it, he may be more likely to recieve it) instead of beating around the beis din "cherem" bush.

    2. The idea that the GET can't happen while there is unfinished business can be misleading, as some of the issues 1. may never finish (custody, visitation, fights, they may go on forever). 2. May not be resolved, on the contrary get exacerbated, by not giving a get.

    I therefore suggest, that if the sides are not too far apart on the REAL issues, that he give a GET, and fight the issues as they come up.

    End of the day, some sort of bending is necessary. It is unclear to me whether there is much interest to negotiate on either side.

  52. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 11:41 AM

    I am wondering why Weiss agreed to give a GET at her Beis Din. That was Halachically reckless on his part. It is good they didn't show up, as they are obviously not qualified in laws of Gittin. He should only be giving a GET at a qualified Beis Din. I had a feeling it was just a game, when I heard about the date and time.

    I would like to point out as well. Setting a date and time like that, and not giving the GET, is an embarrassment to the woman. It would be wise to make sure that we don't embarrass people publicly, nor participate in such behavior.

    Secondly, the Rambam says Kofin shelo yihyu Bnos Yisroel Hefker. Even though we Don't pasken like the Rambam, the argument of the Rambam still exists. We should not have out daughters be Hefker, I know I don't want my daughter to be in a bind like this, nor should we forget, that especially nowadays, there is a possibility that the woman in these scenarios may sin, and produce mamzerim. We should therefore always be looking to resolve these disputes and not keep them going. Also, there is a Lo Taase of Velo tiyhe kekorach vechadaso. Also many other mitzvot lo Taase that come into play the longer these fights go on. We should definitely be trying to resolve the machlokes.

  53. I don't know what you mean. What does it sound like I'm justifying??

  54. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    You're welcome. הצלחה רבה.

  55. Rabbi Michael TzadokAugust 11, 2014 at 2:05 PM

    Because you cannot simply dismiss it. According to the Shulhan Arukh Y"D 334:25 that the three that put him into Niduy have to be the three to take him out of Niduy. So also rules the Arukh HaShulhan 334:23.

    Now you want to say that maybe the B"D doesn't exist, and that by holding up on the Niduy we are giving credence to a non-existant B"D. Well if you look further on in the Shulhan Arukh 334:35 it says:
    נידוהו בחלום הוי נידוי וצריך התרה ואפילו התירו לו בחלום אינו כלום ואפילו יודע מי נידהו אינו יכול להתירו וצריך עשרה אנשים ששינים הלכות להתירו
    That if a person has a dream in which he is placed into Niduy, it is a valid Niduy and he needs to have it removed by ten.(See also Arukh HaShulhan 334:28-29)

    In short this is no small manner. It must be firmly established if the B"D exists or not, so that the Niduy may be properly removed. Until then, Yoeli cannot give a Get. His wife has said that her B"D of her Rabbanim put him in Cherem. Fine she cannot speak to him, she cannot receive anything(including an Get) from him, and she cannot be in the same room as him(including the B"D) until that Cherem is removed. That is halakha.

    Now I understand that this woman claims that she very much wants a Get. Yoeli, as heard in the recording of his conversation with Rav Lictor, very much wants to give his wife a Get, so much so that he is willing to pay for a first class ticket from Israel for the Dayyan who unfortunately needed to be here to mourn his mother instead of being there to facilitate, the removal of his Cherem so that he could give her a Get.

    Unfortunately Yoeli is being prevented, halakhically from satisfying his own desire, and her stated desire, by the Cherem that her Rabbanim placed upon him. So now she either needs to produce those Rabbanim, or produce all the people who were involved in making the sham. One of those groups has to lift this Cherem before she can halakhically receive a Get from him.

    This is an obstacle of her own making and it is entirely up to her to remove it.

  56. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:10 PM

    I you're agreeing that rabbi Lichter is a professional scribe that knows everything about gittin, so why are you disrespectful to him by just calling him by his last name ?
    Why don't you give him respect by at least calling him rabbi ?

  57. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    חוצפני תסתלק מכאן !

  58. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    נודניק ! מספיק לבלבל את השכל ! נו !ּי

  59. Yoel was told prior to coming that the original beis din wasn't there so there was no reason to come as his condition was unmet.

    Rivky's allegations of abuse are laughable and the court has multiple times found her to be lying.

  60. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    I posted a comment in heb. It was meant to Mickey. Sorry. Thanks.

  61. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    Just thinking@
    Thanks for admitting that.

  62. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    What means cross your t's open your i's?

  63. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    Yoily said that the way to resolve this is either by Rivky producing those 3 orig. Dayanim from the/documents or by Rivky coming out in public telling to the whole world : « I DID LIE » by using self fabricated documents from a nonexistent b"d signed by nonexistent Dayanim, she used all this to lie to the public to make believe the entire world that she's an official Agunah, by causing the public to believe that an official b"d already paskened that he has to give the get asap and they even excommunicated him, so to believe, what ends up to being systematically a very serious LIE if she can NOT produce those 3 rabbis (Taub abbals Goodman).
    But you might not go along with proving the אמת , bc all your comments are :
    אשר פיהם דבר שוא .

  64. 1) Contrary to Yoel Weiss' assertion, the Redeem Rivky Homepage labeld sofer Lichter as Sofer Lichter, and not as one of the three rabbis in the beith din.

    2) Contrary to Yoel Weiss' assertion, the NY Daily News article does not label R. Lichter as R' Abales or R. goodman.

    3) Contrary to Yoel Weiss' assertion, there are persons by the Name of chaim Taub, etc.

    4) Contrary to the post's assertions, the phone conversation does not prove that R. Abales and R. Goodman were not present. It only shows Mr. Weiss asserting that they were not present, but provides no proof.

    5) There are many silent spots in the conversation, the words of the sofer are mostly difficult or impossible to understand (because of bad sound quality).

    6) Yoel Weiss did not tell the sofer that this conversation would be taped and published. So why are Yoel Weiss supporters crying out when he is taped and published without warning? If the rules are that such a conversation should not be taped and published without warning, why does Mr. Weiss not abide by his own rules?

  65. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    We're you there?
    Did you speak to anyone there?

  66. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    At least you're agreeing that Rifky lied !

  67. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 4:03 PM

    You should at least respect Rivky's self picked who is famously the most respected rabbi/scribe that is specialized in being mesader gittin who has been performing 95% of the gittin in New York. At least call him rabbi Lichter.
    If you don't give respect to your own ppl that was at show on time to be ready to fully help you resolve that matter, so how can you expect the other ppl from this blog to respect your opinions ?

  68. Mr. Weiss very much wants to give his wife a get, provided it is impossible for him to do so.

    As soon as it is possible, his willingness evaporates.

    He himself says that when he stated he wanted to give a get, he did not really want to give a get, but expose the Beith din as a sham, and the blog owner as well as many commentators supported him. i.e. he falsely claimed he wanted to give a get.

  69. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 4:07 PM

    Please explain !

  70. @Robin - please take the time to read the previous posts. Yoel has said repeatedly that he will give a get when other matters such as the RICO suit are settled.
    This is standard halacha as has been stated many times. It doesn't help anyone to keep repeated charges which are not true

  71. Verification of AddressAugust 11, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    Mickey mouse........כתוב במשנה בפרקי אבות : עז פנים לגיהנום !י

  72. 1) That is a side point whether you're wrong or not.

    2) That is a side point whether you're wrong or not.

    3) That is a side point whether you're wrong or not. No Chaim Taub showed up the day after Tisha B'Av.

    4) Stein offers no proof that either Abales or Goodman showed up. The burden if proof is on her. Over the phone she told Yoeli that they were "stuck in traffic." Listen to the recording of that. But even if those two were there it would be irrelevant as they admit the third one wasn't there and they didn't reschedule to another date, as Yoeli offered them to choose a date they wanted.

    5) Rivky's fake documents repeatedly used the E. 77 address, even on recent communications.

    6) The recordings prove Mr. Weiss' position.

    7) The recording is sufficiently clear enough to make out virtually the entire conversation.

    8) Rivky Weiss did not tell the sofer she will be using his image to promote her propoganda over the internet and inviting a dirty tabloid to publish his image all over NYC and online.

  73. He offered her to pick any date she wanted. And he was clear all along he wanted the original "beit din" to clear the cherem first.

  74. It is certainly not in his best interest to give a Get when his wife is still doing everything she can to prevent him from access to his children and suing his for millions of dollars in non-Jewish court and having him arrested on false charges. His interest is waiting until she stops these vicious actions against him and everything is (halachicly) settled correctly in order to give her an incentive to cease attacking him as such. The sides, currently, are unfortunately very far apart from settlement. This is not a matter of revenge but rather of justness and resolution. And, again, giving a Get after other outstanding divorce issues are first resolved is standard halachic Get procedure as always practiced as well as confirmed in a responsa in the Igros Moshe.

  75. That's baloney, Mickey. He never admitted to anything close to that.

  76. He is ready to give a get provided he obtains full custody of the children (i.e. sole custody). That was his stance before the Rico suit was filed, and he was not ready to compromise on it.

    Do you think it is appropriate for a father to withhold a get until the mother agrees to award him sole custody of the children?

    If so, why do you protest in the case of the Schlesinger twins, where the father was awarded full custody?

  77. He needs to prove the cherem is gone. Either her so-called beit din needs to remove it before he can give a Get or Stein needs to publicly admit the so-called beit din is a sham and no cherem exists. Otherwise some may forever believe he is still in cherem.

    Her beit din didn't show up at the specified date and time so there was nothing he could do to give her a Get in front of those same three who allegedly put him into cherem.

    A real beis din needs to first rule a Get is even warranted before he must give it. This has yet to occur and he is entitled to such a real beis din hearing and determination.

    Finally, normative practice is that the Get is only given once all other outstanding divorce related issues are first resolved. This is not even close to have happened yet.

  78. @Robin it is clear in the Weiss Stein case that the children are better off with their father just as it is clear in the Schlesinger case that they are better off with their mother. And yes if you bother reading the 31 page documents from Yoel that it is clearly appropriate and necessary to hold up the get until she agrees.

    In short - each case needs to be judged by its merits - why is that so hard for you to understand?

  79. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    Nowhere have I said that I believe her. Nor have I said at any point, that she is in the right. That she is a good person. That she halachically deserves a GET. Never said any of that. Read my posts. I have grave concerns about the way this is playing out. It is not being handled well. I am suggesting solutions. We should all be looking to end this nonsense in my opinion.

  80. Robin,

    Your comments have all consistently show how you ignore the facts and continuously repeat the same lies. You keep on attacking Yoel and try to defend Rivky. I'll humor myself and answer you point-by-point.

    1) Incorrect. On a post on August 6th, Rivky's Facebook page claim two of the three dayonim showed up. It showed a picture of her with Rabbi Lichter and on of the witnesses he brought.

    Yes, yes. Posts have been deleted and edited since then. We know the game.

    2) I do not bring a rag like the Snooze into my house and cannot comment on that. However, the recorded conversation with Ruven Blau show how partial he is and clearly how willing to lie he is.

    3) So what? There may be people by the name of Chaim Taub. Is there anyone by the name of Chaim Taub who is a supposed member of the "Mill Basin Beit Din"? There isn't - You know it, I know and everyone else knows it. So yes, the supposed Chaim Taub at hand does not exist.

    4) Contrary to your claims, it does show that they weren't present.
    Rivky and her cohorts have spent tens of thousand of dollars to try to smear Yoel and make him look bad. How comes they cant produce a picture of the supposed Rabbi Goodman and the supposed Rabbi Abeles?? Especially if they took pictures that day and especially if the published pictures against the specific request by Rabbi Lichter that he should not be photographed!

    You photograph and publish pictures of a man who asked not to be photographed, yet you have no pictures of the supposed "dayonim"? Also, where do these supposed dayonim reside? Who ordained them as rabbis? etc etc. Why is big-money PR machine so quiet over here?

    5) This has been answered so many times. It was simply a method of proving that this whole "bet din" was a sham and disgusting hoax perpetrated by Ms. Stein and her cohorts. Yes, Stein used a non-existent address. Yes, they used a non-existent beit din.

    6) To a PR hack and their payed bloggers, maybe. But to all of us who seek the truth, it clearly strengthens Yoel's credibility and completely destroys and vestige of credibility Ms. Stein and had her cohorts had left.

    7) The conversation was very clear to me! The only silent spots were when they edited out the name of the person Rabbi Lichter identifies as a gangster. He repeated the name several times. This is all apparent to anyone - besides for PR hacks and their payed bloggers.

    8) Here is the difference. 1) This is a complete conversation in its entirety. It is not a teeny soundbite without context being misused and misconstrued. 2) This was reactionary. Rivky began the recordings for hundreds of hours and published a few seconds here and there. This is a one time conversation,in its entirety, being published in reaction to the continuous spreading of lies.


    Any more lies you'd like to repeat? When will you post your next repetition of the same lies?

  81. The first step in ending this nonsense is for Stein to drop her phony RICO suit, stop trying to prevent the children from seeing their father, and stop trying to incarcerate the father in prison on sham allegations.

  82. I'm not on anyone's side here. Don't know enough about it. I doubt the great scribe is offended at being called by his name. He sounded easy-going enough on the phone call.

  83. Don't forget the guys who grab kugel with their hands at the kiddush!

  84. Hear is a link to all previous posts

  85. @Robin - Your feminist icon and goddess Rivky Stein has been knocked off her unholy pedestal. Yet you continue to worship Rivky as your false feminist goddess, false "agunah", and false victim. Rabbi Eidensohn has done a great service to the Torah and the Orthodox community by exposing the tangled web of lies promoted by Rivky and her groupies.

    Your only response seems to be repeating the same lies and obfuscations employed previously by Rivky and her cultist groupies.

    If you or any of your fellow groupies ever seek to honestly assist Rivky, then you should urge Rivky to cease the PR campaigns, lies, and harassment against her husband, cease all litigation in non-Jewish courts, and present her case to an honest, kosher Beis Din.

  86. I havent gotten involved in the discussion of this case and cant speak to the facts. I heard the recording because I know Rabbi Lichter and wanted to hear what he had to say. I still dont know very much about the case. This recording reflects very poorly on Weiss. He is accusatory and preachy.

  87. @James is that the same degree of sin as that which Rivky Stein is accussed of i.e., making a false beis din, false psak, false $480 million law suit, massive chillul hashem by going to the media - especially trashy papers like the Daily News - to slander him of rape, kidnapping, child abuse, theft, abuse etc.and by association all Orthodox Jews?

    In short you are simply nit picking - why?

  88. I have to say that this evidence is mindblowing and as someone who has suffered as a victim of child abuse and watched my mother be abused.. I am appalled that Rivky could concoct such a scheme. This woman has got some big time apologizing to do!!!

  89. As much as I am not agreeing that this whole thing is a sham.. which i am totally disgusted by.. Yoel could have spoken more respectfully to Rabbi Lichter.

  90. Actually in this case yes. That machasheifa shouldnt even get visitation! Yoel should get sole custody, and she should get jail time. She is clearly unfit as a parent.

  91. Really? Do you have any evidence to support this claim - is it another of team Stein's vicious slanders and lies?

  92. She is as likely to do that whether or not she has a Get. Giving a Get will give her even more freedom to attempt to alienate the children since at that point she needs nothing more from him.

  93. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 5:02 AM

    I'd assume that you're not James Harper (Yehudah) !

  94. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 5:08 AM

    Daas Torah.......So maybe he's James Harper.

  95. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 5:47 AM

    דעת תורה צודק במאה אחוז!י!י

  96. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 6:12 AM

    Yoily.........In general speaking, to be resolving problems is a very good thing.

  97. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 6:13 AM

    Yoily........ Is Shaina Weiss your sister or sister in law ?

  98. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 6:29 AM

    Yoily can you at a certain point pls make a contact w/me ?
    I already provided my personal email to Daas Torah,; to Shaina Weiss, & to Joe, (I didn't yet receive any email from them, but I did send emails to them!)

  99. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Yoily, you know what? I don't need the thank you neither, I am just Davening for you that you should be matzliach all the way
    למען ידעו ולמען ישמעו ויראו ולא יזידון עוד
    Epstein/Wolmark/Goldstein/Belsky/RalbagKraus/Kohen gang group times are over/history;
    Times to make fictitious botei denim will be over/history;
    Times to fabricate names of nonexistent rabbis will be over/history;
    Shira Dicker PR times will be over/history;
    That gangster that met rabbi Lichter @chabad e72 st on the 10 of Av, his times will be over/history;
    To take a picture of rabbi Lichter and post it (without his permission) all over the media/internet with calling him dayan Goodman, those times will be over/history;
    To take a picture of a chabad shul and post it all over the media/internet without mentioning that it's the chabad of Georgetown of rav Avrohom Holtzberg, but rather claiming that it's a so called Beit Din of Mill Basin (that really don't even exist), those times will be over/history;
    Uzi Frankel times will be over/history;
    Times to fabricate fictitious excommunication will be over/history;
    Ezra Stein Times will be over/history;
    ORA rally times will be over/history;
    Prenup/BDA times will be over/history;
    Naomi Mauer jp agunos times will be over/history;
    The whole RR-FB feminism propaganda machine (incl. all the ppl that post there to support it etc.) times will be over/history;
    James Harper (Yehudah/Guest) times will be history;
    Dodelson times will be over/history;
    Etc.Etc .
    I think that about a year ago, nobody believed that Epstein & associates gang group will by now be over/history, but it did happen, so Hashem can also cause that the above mentioned bad individuals or groups will also make it to get over/history!
    וכל הרשעה בעשן\כעשן תכלה כי תעביר ממשלת זדון מן הארץ
    Very good new better times will come בעזהשי"ת

  100. I am not nitpicking. I dont know whether Rivky is as culpable but we best not get into the practice of judging a person's actions relative to their spouse. The impression given off by this recording (assuming you dont read anything else) is that Weiss is playing games. He is making a spectacle of giving a get while never intending to do so. If he has substantive objections to giving his wife a get then let him offer those objects but dont pretend that he is willing to give a get as long as the "seruv" is lifted. If that were the case, he would have given it a long time ago. I suspect what is really going on is that there are issues yet to be resolved and he is holding out on giving the get until those issues are finalized. The problem there is that he doesnt want to say that because it will be viewed as "holding her hostage".

    All of these cases come down to whether it is appropriate to use a get as leverage. If he thinks so, then say so.

  101. Verification of AddressAugust 13, 2014 at 5:00 AM

    Your brother's wife ?

  102. On the RR FB page it has a picture of the sofer with the caption "rabbi Lichter is the scribe commissioned by the beis din"

    In the recording rabbi licther says that rivkys brother from Israel called him to come. I think that says alot about this so called Beis din


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