Monday, August 4, 2014

The Wolmark and Epstein Mamzerus Problem

Guest Post:
Unfortunately the ostrich syndrome has taken hold of the Klall and everyone has their head in the sand and nothing is being said or done about the phenomenal spread of ממזרות  thru the use of מעושים   גיטין 

I would like to state one principle which would enlighten many people to the severity of the situation. A lady who marries receives the status of anאשת איש  This status can only be removed thru a נט given by people who have a חזקת כשרות. We find the exact same paradigm by שחיטה. The only way a person can eat a cow that was נשחט was if the שוחט that performed the שחיטה  had a חזקת כשרות. If the שוחט lost his חזקת כשרות and went ahead and was שוחט    a cow there is no way that this cow can be eaten. If the meat was cooked in a pot the pot becomes Trief and is not allowed to be used. Now we can go back to אשת איש . As of Oct 13 Wolmark,Epstein, the 3 דיינים at the warehouse, and the םופר have all lost their חזקת כשרות. Any גיטין post that date in which they are involved are פסול

The retroactive issue is much more complex. A blog would not be the proper place to discuss this since it involves a great deal of literature, a more appropriate place would be a Torah Journal. However since Hellman has stated that on Aug, 2011 he participated in a similar event in Flatbush it is incumbent on the Rabonim of Flatbush to fully investigate this issue. If it is found that this was also a גט מעושה שלא כדין  then they must follow thru with the ramifications that those supervising that incident have lost their חזקת כשרות and all subsequent ניטין given by those in charge are void. This an issue of לאפרושי מאיםורא דאשת איש and the women who are the recipients of these invalid ניטין must be told they cannot remarry and those who have remarried must be told to leave their new marriage. All those who shirk their responsibility are עתיד ליתן את הדין


  1. "As of Oct 13 Wolmark,Epstein, the 3 דיינים at the warehouse, and the םופרhave all lost their חזקת כשרות. Any גיטין post that date in which they are involved are פסול.

    The retroactive issue is much more complex."

    Why would the retroactive issue be more complex? Shulchan Aruch is clear that if a Get was given under threat of violence or actual violence, as the Epstein/Wolmark gang have been notoriously and well known to be engaging in for over two decades, then the Get is a גט מעושה and invalid and the wife remains an eishes ish married to her first husband.

    It isn't only a matter of חזקת כשרות here. It is a matter of any Get, no matter how long ago, that was no given in a valid manner, and Halacha is clear that a forced Get is a גט מעושה, they are all invalid and the woman was never divorced.

  2. As of Oct 13 Wolmark,Epstein, the 3 דיינים at the warehouse, and the םופר have all lost their חזקת כשרות. Any גיטין post that date in which they are involved are פסול.

    With all due respect, they lost their חזקת כשרות way before that. Rav Elyashiv and many other notable poskim considered their gitin invalid.

    I know of a woman who recently got "married" based on a Epstein, wolmark and Rabbi Belsky get. So sad. She didn't want to accept a real get from her husband before her marriage since Wolmark told her not to and Rabbi Belsky told her she doesn't have to!

  3. A Letter From Rav Sternbuch about mozerous when forced GET

  4. I am confused, there is a mitzva de'or'isa of chezkas kashrus which means you should be don lecaf zechus. By what right are you oiver an asseh by investigating PAST issues specially when they can have such tragic outcomes such as mazerim.

    If you have a problem with some rabbi or court, deal with it but don't go against pashut halacha and dig up past issues. Sometimes it is a mitzvah to turn a blind eye!

  5. Am I the only one who finds it comical that such a weighty issue is being raised anonymously?


  6. Verification of AddressAugust 5, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    I heard from many frum ערליכע people that ORA is now a continuation of similar tactics of the Epstein, Wolmark, Goldstein, Belsky, Ralbag etc.. to get out from the husbands גיטין מעושים, they just changed the tactics for only one reason that they don't want to get to being arrested and end up to be locked up in jail for many years for the crime of beating up civilians, so they decided to put their energy on using other tactics, like Rivkah Weiss-Stein & all her so-called co-Agunos are now doing, by Making very DIRTY campaigns thru the media, newspapers גויישע, websites, Facebook, fundraising, rallies, falsifying letters from nonexistent בתי דינים , nonexistent רבנים, nonexistent דיינים, nonexistent סירובים, nonexistent חרמות etc. etc., annulment of a פסק of a competent בית דין קבוע etc., what at the end we get back to the same serious שאלות of גיטין מעושים, then אשת איש, then ממזירים etc.etc.
    Have an easy fast...

  7. fedupwithcorruptrabbisAugust 5, 2014 at 7:06 AM

    The same focus should be placed on Gittin procured thru ORA as they coerce many men in cases where coercion is not allowed. We are living in times where the rabbis refuse to uphold the "Original Torah Authentic values"!!! This is why groups such as ORA, Mendel Epstein and others feel free to do as they wish.The same holds for terrorism across the world. If the world doesnt band together to oppose and eradicate them, then they will continue to flourish Rachmono Litzlon.

  8. The idea of not looking into existing mamzeirus cases is likely
    inapplicable to the Epstein & Wolmark Get/mamzeirus machine as this
    was an organized and prevasive and continuous operation to create false
    divorces. If we were to ignore it we would implicitly be endorsing it
    and allowing a mechanism and path for future Epstein's and Wolmark's to
    start the same type of operation to create masses of false gittin and
    future mamzeirim.

  9. I dont understand, rav belskey used to force gittin?

  10. Please site clear sources to your assertions.
    If you cannot cite clear sources, please be kind enough to admit your mistake. Thank you.

  11. Comical? That's the problem when people who aren't knowledgeable in gitin get involved. They treat the issue lightheartedly, and therefore create mamzeirim.

    Anonymously? Hmm. There are so many letters out from the most prominent poskim.


  13. I Propose to create an online database of all known Forced Gitten and Safek forced Gitten

    With public posting and this will help contain this Horrible assault on the Taharah of Klall Yisroel.
    Any Bais Din that accepted these Forced Giten and that worked with Epstien or others be Noted and publicized . for some reason they are being very quiet!

  14. The claim is out that Rechnitz, Rabbi Belsky's son-in-law, is paying Goldstein's significant legal fees. Goldstein was Epstein's scribe in his Cattle Prod beatings.

    It's possible that Rechnitz is paying the legal fees as part of his huge amounts of charity he gives. The question would be: has he paid anyone else's legal fees? Did he contribute anything at all to Rabbi David and Mrs. Judy Wax's legal fees? Is there also a possibility that their was a fear that if Goldstein can't afford a very expensive lawyer, that he may testify about Rabbi Belsky's involvement? The claim is out that Rav Elyashiv sent Goldstein messages to stop his writing of the worthless giten he wrote. He defied Rav Elyashiv at Rabbi Belsky's advice.

  15. Verification of AddressAugust 6, 2014 at 2:45 AM

    כל הכבוד !

  16. Rag Elyashev said Epstein's gittin are pasul.

  17. Verification of AddressAugust 6, 2014 at 5:19 AM

    And rav Ralbag too !

  18. Thank you for sharing these older cases. However, my question stands. The writer of this post is raising an extremely important issue -- that is much more current than the cases you linked -- that deserves serious discussion. Why in the world is everyone in the rabbinical world too afraid to put this question out there without having to resort to anonymity??


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