Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seminary Scandal: Frum Follies seriously misrepresents Rav Feurst's letter

On Augst 8, 2014 Frum Follies posted a letter from Rav Shmuel Fuerst of the Chicago Beis Din in a post entitled

In the letter Rav Feurst writes:

By this letter, I certify that according to Jewish law (al pi halacha)
1. any student currently enrolled in any of the following seminaries, Pninim, Binas Bais Yaakov, Chedvas Bais Yaakov or Keser Chaya, is free to attend any seminary they wish, and

2. any seminary is free to accept any student they wish including students who withdraw from the aforementioned seminaries.

Yerachmiel Lopin states:
Rabbi Feurst explicitly rejects the ruling (and thus, the authority) of the Israeli Beis Din (IBD) of Rabbis Shafran, Malinowitz and Gartner which forbade students from switching and other seminaries from recruiting or accepting them.
Rav Malinowitz of the Israeli Beis Din said bluntly that this understanding of Lopin is sheker. He said the Israeli Beis Din never prohibited students from switching or another school accepting them. Furthermore Rav Malinowtiz noted that nowhere in the letter does Rav Feurst state that this statements is going against the psak of the Israel Beis Din.

It is obvious that all Rav Feuerst is doing is issuing a clarification not a psak. I assume if he was issuing a ruling contradicting the Israeli Beis Din - the entire Chicago Beis Din would have signed. In short, Yerachmiel Lopin is claiming that there is a serious halachic dispute of whether the seminaries "own" the students or not. There is no such dispute!


  1. No / few seminaries will take a peninim, etc student. Why should they? Why should they get involved with an intra seminary dispute, when there is a (questionable) tzav ikul against it?

    Presumably, every seminary is mostly filled up by now. Why take a problem case? (Of course, for extra $, we can talk about it.)

  2. There is no ksav ikul, questionable or otherwise. That is clear from the beis din's psak, and was made explicit by R' Malinowitz.

  3. Frum Follies has had a problem with truth and honesty as long as he has been writing.

  4. Tzav ikul against other seminaries poaching / recruiting present peninim, etc students.

    Per the original / only psak din of IBD.

  5. Since the IBD explicitly forbade poaching students, no seminary would want to take girls from there, as this would open them up to possible tevious that they 'poached' said girl. They would then have to supply evidence etc. Bekitzur a headache..
    You know this, and you also know that this was the real intent of the IBD 'ikul' and this is indeed what RF is coming to dismiss.

    Does everything really need to be spelled out? ?

  6. Recruiting, yes. Accepting a student who wants to transfer, no.


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