Monday, July 23, 2012

Faith or self-deception? - 20 burned at firewalk

NYTimes    Thousands participated in the walk, which stretched down 24 lanes, each around eight feet long. “It transformed people’s lives in a single night,” said Carolynn Graves, 50, a real estate agent from Toronto, who crossed the coals without injury. “It’s a metaphor for facing your fears and accomplishing your goals.” 

A person connected to the Robbins group who helps facilitate the walks over hot coals, but who did not want his name disclosed because he was not authorized to speak publicly, said, “This is not without risk.” Mr. Robbins, he added, “spends a couple of hours preparing people.” 

He suggested that those who were hurt must have “slowed down and stopped because they didn’t feel anything. Those are the folks who end up sometimes with hot spots.” Traditionally, he added, the coals reach a temperature of 2,000 degrees — “give or take 100 degrees.” 

“I won’t say it never happens,” the man said. “But I’ve never heard of anyone having third-degree burns. A couple of times people have had second-degree burns.” Mr. Robbins advises people “to soak their feet in cold water for 20 minutes,” he said. 

“People don’t come to this and not participate,” he added.


  1. I personally did one of these NLP training courses when I was 16, which ended with a firewalk. It was a life-changing experience for me. Most people on the course did the firewalk, and nobody was burned.

  2. why call it Faith or Self deception? perhaps it's skills one can learn to be able to accomplish this feat?

    1. No faith no deception. Look up Google to see the physics.

    2. It's also nothing to do with NLP. Just a little trick of theirs.

    3. The people who got burned were probably the one's that had the most faith in what they were being sold, so that they didn't walk across the fire quickly.

  3. they coal that has a low burning temperature and weak heat diffusion. Anyone can do it... if they take the wrong coals, it migth lead to burns...

  4. I did do the Personal Power Fire Walk a while back. I do remember that you have to sign a bunch of release forms, some of them were scary, you are warned about the temperature and that some people got hurt and needed to be hospitalized . So they cover themselves pretty well.

    The fire walk is usually in the end of the first evening, Tony (as he is called) pumps up the crowd for few hours before they run out of the building into the coals.

    I remember feeling high and so brave, I had no fears running over the coals.

    Looking back I think it was a case of mass hypnosis.I know there are other explanations for the firewalk phenomenon

    He was ridiculed when he tried to bring the firewalk to India, he was told that every local fakir can do it, some of them can even lie down of a bed of coals.

  5. 1) LOL

    2) You think THIS is impressive? You should've seen the guy that walked on water!


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