Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30 suspected pedophiles arrested in sting operation

YNet  According to the police, more than 30 suspects have been arrested as part of the investigation, headed by the National Fraud Unit, and described as the first and largest of its kind to ever take place in the country. 

The majority of the suspects have no criminal record; and include students, civil servants, a defense establishment official, a former police officer and an agronomist – to name a few.

According to the police, they range in age from 20-57 and reside all over Israel. "We can't put our finger on anything specific and say 'this is the profile,''" a source privy to the investigation said.
The investigation was launched in April, after the police were able to recruit an "expert witness" – a pedophile who was arrested and agreed to collaborate with the police.

The suspect provided investigators with certain behavioral codes common in Israel's online pedophilia community, thus enabling them to construct a virtual profile of a 12-year-old girl.


  1. Does it have any relation with the haredi pedophile ring of Nachalaot ?

    1. Dear HNBT, There is no Nachlaot pedophile ring. I was there. I was also accused. I know 16 of the people that were accused. Of those 16, I can vouch for 12. The other 4 I do not know whether or not they are pedophiles. Though I have strong doubts that they are. The other 25 or so that were accused, I do not know who they are.

    2. Court testimony says there were three men working in concert. Two is a team, three is a ring. It really is just that simple. There was a ring, and there is court testimony which lead to the prosecution of at least one of them(which was posted on the other post about this)which said so. Why are you in such denial about things that are now court proven facts?

    3. I am not aware of any such court testimony that says such a thing. Can you put up a link to it?

  2. A quote from the news.

    "Police are sifting through computer material to enable them to contact the families of children who have been in touch with the pedophiles."
    If the police are able to sift through and find children that have been in touch with pedophiles, then the police can also sift through and find the pedophiles.
    Wouldn't it make more sense to do some sifting, monitor the conversations and then move in at the appropriate time?

  3. asher pihem diber shavAugust 1, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    of course not! haredim would never be pedophiles!!!!


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