Friday, September 9, 2011

Gedolim say vote for Turner against Weprin


  1. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 9, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    The question of Weprin's support for gays is a red herring if ever there was one.

    Most big city politicians are pro gay. How else are they going to get elected when America is in a moral morass? Mayors Bloomberg, Giuliani and Koch are all pro gay.

    This is about raw politics and it is unwise of the rabbonimn to inject themselves into politics when they may need Weprin's help the day after the election.

    Are they all Republicans now? They are making a big mistake because this traditionally Democrat congressional district is made up of liberal Jews that stretches from Queens to many sectors of Brooklyn that always vote Democrat, almost all people in Brooklyn are suspicious of Republican millionaires-turned-populists such as Blacks, Latinos, the elderly and many who depend on Welfare, Social Security income, the unemployed who need benefits, and Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

    It is incomprehensible how the same rabbonim whose legions of devotees rely on all the government benefits and programs that keep them in kollel, and plain old just keep them going -- just step into any COJO office in Flatbush or Boro Park or Wlliamsburg to see what's going on -- such as Food Stamps, Medicaid Child & Family Health Plus cheap health insurance, Section 8, WIC supplemental food programs, housing programs, would inject itself into this election at such a delicate time knowing that the Republicans stand for cutting those benefits and have no real empathy or connection to what goes on in the heart of Brooklyn where the frum communities live.

    Have the rabbonim been speaking out about immoral homosexual issues all along when rebbeim in yeshivas molest boys as well?

    What has research about Turner's life really shown? What is known about him, that he is suddenly portrayed as the "white knight" who will save "family values" when everyone knows that family values have long gone to pot.

    This is pure cynicism to think that a Republican is more "kosher" and can be relied on more than a Democrat in today's degenerate day and age!

    There has to be another explanation and it would seem to be that someone in Agudath Israel of America has become an overnight devotee of Rav Avigdor Miller's politics that were traditionally ignored by the more pragmatic leaders of the past who did not judge political candidates by the sexual proclivities or opinions about modern day morals, but focused on the bottom line of financial benefits that people live on. The rabbonim do not have to face the struggles of making a livelihood that the middle class balebatim have to face. No yeshivas are going to let gays even if there was a law that enforced it, so what are they saying really?

    Where were they during the Tropper scandal? Or the Kranzer scandal or the myriads of others in the past and ongoing?? Al of a sudden they are "taking a stand" when it would be far more credible if they took a stand on child molestation and sexual harassment in their own institutions and communities which should take precedence. Morality begins at home.

    Something just does not add up here, and it smells of hypocrisy!

    One is reminded of that old saying: "Doctor heal thyself!"

  2. The Jewish Press thinks otherwiseSeptember 9, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Weprin is getting the opportunity to express his side of the story on the front page of The Jewish Press online, see:

    "Why I Am The Right Choice For Congress Assemblyman David Weprin Sep 07th 2011" and:

    The Jewish Press also supports Weprin in its editorial: "Sept. 13 Endorsements Editorial Board Posted Sep 07 2011 Weprin For Congress In New York's 9th CD."


    Much interesting commentary here on Turner vs Weprin

  4. After Hurricane Irene, askanim with an agenda $$, who think they are leaders of the frum community, ignore the writing on the wall and try to cover up Weprin's long running binge to enable toaivah.

    What happens next?

    Tropical Storm Lee puts entire cities under water in NY-NJ-PA, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.

  5. vos far a galechterSeptember 9, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    That follows that pattern of the Jewish Press being on the wrong side of most issues.

  6. The gedolim sent askonim to ask Larry Gordon why in the world he would write that they retracted their support for Bob Turner before it even became official, when the tzettel was public for over a month already. Larry is not a very honest person as his "terutz" made no sense and contradicted what he wrote in 5 Towns Jewish Times. Gordon also showed his true self by arrogantly admitting that he will not endorse Turner no matter what he holds because Turner would not buy ads in his 5 Towns Jewish Times newspaper.


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