Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can Chareidim control their extremists? Throwing blows in Beit Shemesh

The escalation began yesterday with a conflict involving the girls school Orot Lebanot. Orot Lebanot is a religious Zionist school, meaning it is Orthodox but not ultra-Orthodox.

Yesterday, Ultra-Orthodox extremists blocked the path of the Orot Lebanot schoolgirls while they were on their way home. They surrounded the girls and shouted insults at them. Some residents and parents accompanying their children responded, and a fight broke out. It took nearly 45 minutes for the police to restore order, which they did without detaining or arresting any of the troublemakers.


  1. No community can control its extremists. The proper role of the community is to ensure that its extremists do not control it.

  2. Why do "Charedim" have to control "their" extremists? What makes the oisvorfs involved in this latest atrocity the property of all Charedim? They certainly have little respect for all but their own. (I read somewhere that the same group was planning on being mevazeh R. Elyashiv and did so to R. Steinmann. So what makes anyone think that they have any ability to "control" these behemas?)

    Where, pray tell, are the police? Isn't the first responsiblity of the State to protect its citizens? If they cannot or will not do it, who needs a State?

  3. Tal Benschar - I agree with your position that the police should do something. The problem is that the extremists are being shielded and protected by the non-extremists.

    If the mainstream would report these people to the police and put pressure on the police to arrest them - rather than not to arrest them - the issue would be resolved fairly quickly.

  4. Daas Torah:

    I do not understand what you are saying at all. The oisvorfs acted openly and were video-taped. Everyone knows who they are and where they live, but the police refuse to do anything about it.

    What exactly are the non-extremists doing to "shield" them? What's the point of "reporting" something that was done openly and filmed?

    You are writing as though someone secretly went and robbed a bank and no one will tell who it is. That's not what is going on here at all. (At least as far as I understand it. Correct me if I have the facts wrong. Or maybe we can hear from someone in RBS.)


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