Thursday, September 15, 2011

Former Correction Department rabbi charged in $200,000 housing fraud

A former city Correction Department rabbi who landed in hot water for arranging a lavish Bar Mitzvah party for a Rikers Island inmate was charged Wednesday in a massive tenant-fraud scheme.

Leib Glanz, 53, faces 15 years in prison on charges of conspiracy and theft for pocketing $200,000 in federal housing grants, according to a criminal complaint in Manhattan Federal Court.

The alleged scheme involved Glanz using his United Talmudical Academy, a prominent Williamsburg yeshiva. His brother, Menashe Glanz, 49, was also charged for taking money for living in a low-income apartment in Brooklyn that he didn't live in, the complaint says.

"Leib and Menashe Glanz engaged in a years-long subterfuge to take criminal advantage of federal housing subsidies," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. "Especially in these trying economic times, we cannot tolerate stealing from the public."


  1. The brothers are probably quite surprised that the 'stupid Goyim' could catch them, despite all their brilliance.

  2. Let them lock up all the Jews and throw away the key. No Jews on the street, no crime.

  3. Like many others, I have had opportunities to receive benefits to which I am not entitled. Boruch Hashem, my conscience won, and I resisted taking what is not mine. And there are many, many others who do the same. I am not unique. In fact, there are so many who deserve entitlements and do not take them. having said that, I believe I can state that that I do not condone crime, whether against governments, whether against fellow man, whether against G-d.

    The flavor of this story is lacking the fact that this was an outright mesira. The individual who brought about these arrests was someone that had personal conflict with one of the brothers. This was a revenge, literally mesira - handing someone over to authorities. Again, I do not defend or condone crime, but one must equally examine the circumstances, and hold that perpetrator responsible for this. There are better ways to settle personal disputes.

    That perpetrator is to be shamed for his behavior. All that he produced was an anti-Jewish comment like that of Paul (9/15 @12:39). Jews are not bad people. We have our criminals just as any other ethnic group. We all know of criminals of various ethnic backgrounds, be they Catholic, Italian, Muslim, black, or any other distinction. It is inaccurate and blatantly false to generalize. Try this: Are all people named Paul anti-Semitic?

    All we can say is to eliminate the human race, then there will be no crime.


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