Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five men arrested for sexually abusing minors in J'lem

Police arrested five men in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nahlaot over the past six weeks for sexually abusing dozens of minors in the neighborhood starting as early as 2006, though the abuse got significantly worse in the past two years.

The men, all in their 40s and 50s, knew each other through the neighborhood but were not acting in an organized fashion to abuse the children.

One of the men arrested recently was also arrested in February for similar sexual abuse of minors. Police requested he be imprisoned, but he was released to house arrest with an electronic bracelet to track his whereabouts.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby said that the man continued abusing children while on house arrest. [...]


  1. Sadly, this beast is once again free on house arrest, and will probably once again be harming children. Those of us in the community feel completely betrayed by the justice system.

  2. Why aren't these pedophiles being publicly named? Is there a hush order?


  3. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 15, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    About time!

  4. Rocky I don't think the papers are allowed to name suspects before their conviction. However the JPost has named the one in a round about way. The re-ran yesterday(and again today) an article from two years ago about the <a href = "> Montefiore Garden that the one built</a> so his name is out there for anyone able to put two and two together.
    Several Rabbanim have said that his name and picture should be spread around Jerusalem. However, since those who are doing it are receiving physical threats, that is more of a covert process.

  5. Physical threats from whom?

    I understand Skippy Marcus is a scary looking guy (see his photo on but he is currently on house arrest. One step out of his house, and either he, or his relative, will go to jail.

    Where can we find names of the other guys? Did
    list any of these guys yet?

  6. Rocky

    House arrest doesn't seem to mean here what it does in the US.

    Skippy has some fairly vocal friends. Who are taking up his cause. Contact me privately if you want more specific details.

    Besheket, as far as i know, has not recieved or posted a list of them yet.

  7. Besheket hasn't as far as I know. I wish they had an english site to contact them with.
    I'd gladly send over a photo and all the info I have collected on this group.

  8. One of the victims is my first cousin. The details make me physically sick when I hear what happened. The entire family is affected by this and the young children in the family all now have an hasaga of what took place (for better or worse!!) They are broken emotionally and now also financially as they are spending all the money they have to try and get their son back to normal. I heard during his sessions he just sits there quiet, not willing to say anything. HaShem Yiracheim!! There was a rumor going around that the Judge said to one of the parents "kill him (the one who is at home) and I'll make sure nothing happens to you"

  9. You can contact besheket by email and they will help you, they speak english. It is a parent run organization. It would be great if you send whatever you know to them. I also wish the website was translated.

    My understanding of house arrest here in Israel is based on the case of the pedophile we reported against, who was on house arrest after a 6 day jail visit. We were told by the lawyer-in-training assigned as a volunteer to speak to parents involved in the case, that house arrest means he cannot leave the house, except for davening, and for that he must have family supervision. And if he is seen talking to children, or out of the house unaccompanied, he should be reported, but that requires going down to the police station.

    As for help for victims, there is a certain type of short term trauma therapy called EMDR trauma therapy, and one of the best guys in town for the job is Dr. Kohn, email him at, but he is expensive and worth every dollar.

  10. What happened to the posters here who usually say about these kind of cases that it is alilas dam by the Zionist regime ?.

  11. "Want2KNow" -

    Because it was their children being abused this time...

  12. How, exactly, does one report someone out on house arrest breaking the rules? Especially if one's Hebrew isn't adequate to the task?

  13. Reporting on a violator of house arrest, at this early time in the case, requires going down to the police station. You would go in and tell them, "I must speak in English" and I think you'll be relieved to find that you will get great service. Then explain there is an accused pedophile who you saw violating house arrest and you would like to make a complaint.

    Later, after there has been formal charges by the prosecutor in a court session (which is when the perp makes his plea (guilty, or not) then apparently the case gets a more formal/different status and one can then simply call in to the local police to report a violation.

    Obviously if you ever feel threatened or in danger by him, call 100.

    This is what I understood as explained to me by a lawyer student assigned to us as a volunteer.

  14. i am the one who is destroying the life of skipy,he came to me and asked me to help him with the moshe montifore garden , not knowing that this was a front to get to the kids i helped,
    when i realised what was going on i destroyed the garden,not the plants.and got maariv to print the nov 22nd story. he was in jail it was a secret after that article.
    we were told not to speak about. then 2 of his thugs were released and now he is out and ready to kill me.
    everyone is afraid of him except me, i only fear hashem. he has been let out to get me and shut me up. once that happens then the real terror will happen as no one will have the courage to fight back anymore.
    you have been warned.
    ruth cohen harif.

  15. can you please contact me asap - o cant see where i can contact you.this is very important and urgent. thanks

  16. you can contact me at


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