Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reform converts more acceptable to Israel than Orthodox ones


According to a High Court decision, the civil registry must grant Reform and Conservative converts to Judaism the status of new Jewish immigrants, but paradoxically, the court determined that the Israeli rabbinate would retain jurisdiction over conversions conducted by Orthodox rabbis in the Diaspora.

At the meeting, Horowitz pointed out the irony: The Orthodox rabbinate is thus actually pushing prospective immigrants to opt for Conservative or Reform conversions instead. [....]


  1. The problem is that they accept reform fake converts, not that they don't accept orthodox fake converts.

  2. I know someone who had an orthodox private conversion with participation of a universally accepted Rabbi and other frum Rabbis. The conversion was not acccepteed by rhe Ministry of Interior as a Jew as this Beit Din was not on the list. So out of deperation she showed her previous conservative conversion and that was accepted.

  3. It is actually a Haredi move to marginalized Modern Orthodox rabbis who are not part of the RCA clique, this is the RCA who was bowing to Tropper the shtuper and now when the menuval is gone (with no help from them) they exercised their rule as the only game in town for Orthodox converts

  4. This is annoying. In practice, hopefully the Rabbanut will just let Orthodox converts who are not from the list do a giur l'chumrah without excessive hassle.

  5. Giur l'chumrah is a big deal. Imagine the ramifications to a family where the mother is required to do a giur l'chumrah, although she may have raised and already married off her FFB children! (Heck, she may even have a son with semicha who's employed in kiruv! And a daughter married to a kohen! Or what if there's one child who's going through some teenage angst and this "giur l'chumrah" gives him just the ammunition he needs to go OTD and cause needless tragedy to his parents, siblings and himself?) This is not even to mention the emotional trauma of such a thing occurring years after the fact and living an orthodox life, yet suddenly being told all one's mitzvos were meaningless?!

    Giur l'chumra is a BIG deal - not to be asked of a person lightly!


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