Thursday, March 10, 2011

David Schick: The Man With Two Faces; a Fraud Case Shocks

NYTimes 1996

Then came David Schick. A lawyer and father of 10 at age 36, his reputation as a doer of good deeds brought people to his home on Avenue I late at night seeking counsel on immigration law or trouble with a child. And Mr. Schick took the family's name far beyond Flatbush.

He was recently the honorary chairman of the annual meeting of the nation's largest Orthodox organization. He helped arrange for President Clinton to meet in March with donors to a large rabbinical college he supports. When Mr. Schick had early success as a real estate investor, word spread so fast through the Orthodox Jewish world that wealthy Jews around the globe were soon entrusting him with millions. To reassure the religious, his deals included a letter from a rabbinical court waiving the prohibition in Jewish law on Jews earning interest from each other.

"They were knocking his door down," said Robert Goldman, a lawyer representing investors in New York, California and Belgium.

Then on April 6, an investor called Mr. Schick to ask about his $1.7 million that was supposed to be parked securely in an escrow account. According to a complaint filed in Federal Court in Manhattan, Mr. Schick responded simply, "I took it." [...]


  1. R. DE: What prompted your posting this 15 year old story now?

  2. David Schick is the nephew of Haredi apologist Marvin Schick, his father arrest sparked the boro park riots few back back.

    He resides in ק'ק אוטיסוויל and he is supposes to get out soon.

  3. why dig up a 15 yr old LOSHON HORAH? you realy are scraping the bottom of the barrel,shame on you,
    this blog of yours,has become a cesspool,please cut it out,

  4. Marvin is hardly an apologist. Although possibly Hareidi on a personal level, he spares no effort to criticize them in his writings.

    There haven't been any "riots" in Boro Park in at least 100 years.

  5. He did a crime, did the time. What do you propose for him now?

  6. It's not Lashon Hara.
    You don't know your halakha Chaim.

  7. Do you care to respond as to why you decided to now post this 15 year old story?

  8. To love and live torah,please explain in a halachic manner,why it's not loshon harah.Saying it's true doesn't work.


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