Monday, March 7, 2011

Jewish student sues UC Berkeley for not protecting her


A student has brought a federal civil rights lawsuit against the University of California, Berkeley, saying the university did not protect her from being attacked because she is Jewish.

Lawyers for Jessica Felber, 20, say the case, filed in US District Court in Oakland, Calif., on March 4 against the university, the regents of the University of California and their ranking officials, is the first of its kind.

Her suit alleges that Husam Zakharia, a fellow student and the head of Students for Justice in Palestine, rammed into her with a metal cart because of the pro-Israel sign she was holding during a pro-Israel demonstration on the Berkeley campus on March 5, 2010. [...]

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  1. Not a surprise to me. You can take the Arab "student" out of the middle east, but can't take the middle east out the arab. I had similar encounters with enraged anti-israel pro-fakestine "activists" at my school. Luckily it never escalated to physical assault of this degree, although one jerk smacked me in the head once like a middle schooler when one of my arguments enraged him.


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