Wednesday, March 30, 2011

4 Palestinians falsely accused of raping 11-year-old


Police released four Palestinians residing illegally in Israel, who were arrested Tuesday on suspicion that they had raped an 11-year old Israeli boy, when it turned out the latter had been lying.

The four men denied the allegations from the first, prompting police investigators to question the boy again before a scheduled lineup. During the second round of questioning, the boy admitted that some of the claims he had made were false, and also supplied a different description of the men


  1. The silence is deafening here.

    If this had been a rabbi who was accused, I could just envision the venom which would have been pouring from everyone's pens. Look at those "piggish rabbis"...

    What about the rabbi's protest that he's innocent? Shhhhha! Don't spoil the fun!

    Why are we so quick to believe here that the boy's original story was fabricated?

    And if boys can fabricate stories, then why would we be so quick to believe a boy's so-called "claims" of abuse?

    We seem quick to accept the words of a legal minor to really mess up the accused persons life...

  2. R. Eidensohn: Of possible interest --

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    Police, protesters clash near Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia


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