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Missionary Propaganda from Jerusalem Post - Critique

Guest Post: Recipients and Publicity comment to "Messiainic Jews encourage Messianic Ethiopian immi...":

Let's analyse the article as it's posted here and see just how ridiculous it all is and that nothing adds up, except that the missionaries never give up finding "angles" from which to carry out there agenda of undermining the Jewish people. Here goes:
"Under Operation Tikva,"
RaP: Notice how they always find these deceptively misleading cute names. They call it "Tikva" that even a secular Israeli can relate to because Israel's national anthem is "HaTikva" -- "The Hope" nothing new, just the usual plagiarism that has always been the hallmark of Christianity in its two millenia of struggle with Jews and Judaism.
"through which thousands of people in Ethiopia are provided with clean water, money for food and educational services, they are also reminded often that they are Jews and that the people of Israel are waiting for them.
RaP: The Ethiopians in question here are obviously being duped and sold a false bill of goods. It shows that the missionaries do not care about humanity as such, otherwise they would feed the starving unconditionally, but they are just manipulatively training these suffering and needy people like Pavlovian captives being trained to respond to the call signal of the missionaries in return for the basics of living. It's the height of fraud and manipulation that they should be ashamed of, but no, the hallmark of missionizing Christians is their chutzpa.
"What makes Operation Tikva different than other Jewish aid programs in Ethiopia,
RaP: Hold it right there. The Jerusalem Post is being complicit with the missionaries when it reports the events as being "Jewish" when they are clearly not, because it's all being orchestrated by CHRISTIAN groups and not "Jewish" ones.
"however, is that neither the Israeli government, the Jewish Agency for Israel, nor any other recognized aliya organization is involved in it. In fact, The Jerusalem Post has learned it is a program run by Messianic Jewish missionaries, and very few people in Israel even know about it."
RaP: Good, so then the question is what is the Jerusalem Post doing by making all this known? They are only helping the missionaries and certainly not the Jewish people nor the State of Israel. But Jews are funny that way, they will help their enemies when their enemies would never offer them any help under similar circumstances. I hate to mention the Holocaust, but Jews should note that when the Nazis were sending millions of Jews to their deaths, and the Catholic Church and the world media knew full well what was happening from either their priests or reporters, none of them ran to spread the word to help the dying Jews and even if news reached the outside world, no one lifted a finger to help the Jews, but, yet nowadays liberal Jews have to prove that they are "holier than the Pope" and do things for gentiles that gentiles would never do for Jews in a million years.
"It seems that while Israel has officially stopped encouraging the immigration of thousands of Ethiopians either via the Law of Return or the Law of Entry, other groups have taken up the task."
RaP: These are not "other groups" they are dangerous Christian missionary groups, they are soul snatchers with an ANTI-Jewish agenda, and if even the secular Israeli government has said enough already why do people think they have better ideas?
"These Messianic Jewish missionaries continue to be active in far-flung villages of northern Ethiopia,"
RaP: They are all over, not just in Ethiopia. Ask poster Jersey girl, she sees missionaries creeping and crawling in every nook and cranny.
"telling local farming communities there that God, Israel and the Jewish people are rooting for them,"
RaP: So the missionaries are liars and frauds, what else is new. Just more chutzpa.
"even though their ancestral link to Judaism is tenuous at best."
RaP: Umm, no, they have no links with Judaism not even "tenuous" ones. Otherwise one may as well accost close to two billion Christians and tell them about their "tenuous links" to Judaism via Christianity's history rooted as it is in Judaism, or that that the Christians are the "true Israel" and more Supercessionist hokum etc.
"Run by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), Operation Tikva is contravening the Israeli government's attempts over the last year to wind down official aliya operations in Ethiopia, and the project is being viewed in Jerusalem with alarm."
RaP: But of course, that does not stop the JPost and other Jewish and Israeli media from giving these scoundrels a forum to attack both the Israeli government and undermine the Jewish people.
" 'I don't believe that we are working against the Israeli government,' MJAA General Secretary Joel Chernoff, told The Jerusalem Post in response Thursday."
RaP: This Chernoff, as he speaks he lies and he is contradicting himself. The Israeli government has said one thing but he is going to say another based on classic Christian missionary distortions of facts. Yet more chutzpa.
" 'The political situation in Israel can always change and we believe that what has happened to these people is a major injustice,' he said."
RaP: Just what is he saying here, that maybe Israel will welcome Christians who claim to be Jews and would maybe one day change the Law of Return (chok hashvut) to openly allow Christians into Israel since some self-chosen ones have decided for themselves that they can be both Christian and Jewish at the same time (just a ploy concocted by evangelizing groups to convert gullible Jews), something that is theologically provably impossible because Judaism and Christianity are entirely different and conflicting religions.
"According to Chernoff there are between 50,000-70,000 Ethiopian Messianic Jews who are being discriminated against by the Israeli government based on their beliefs."
RaP: Oh, so now Chernoff has decided that the Israeli government is "discriminating" because they have not heard of his new definitions to include these people and why stop at only 50-70,000 people make it 500-700,000 Ethiopians or maybe more with links to Christianity and hence to Judaism, and since when have any Ethiopians EVER called themselves or been called "Messianic Jews" by anyone, except now? Such hokum and bold-faced lies it's laughable.
"Messianic Jews believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is their Messiah, but still consider themselves to be Jewish."
RaP: Do readers of the JPost have to be told this? All it does is legitimate this ridiculous notion that is rejected by all serious theologians as being an impossibility because Judaism regards Jesus as a traitor who deserved to be put to death and he was certainly no messiah, perhaps a deluded aspirant false prophet, while Christianity holds he was not just the messiah but that he is (lehavdil) the "son" of God and is God himself in total opposition to Judaism, so please spare intelligent readers the baloney of what so called "Jewish Christians" believe because that holds as much water as telling people that some believe that the moon is made of cheese.
"Jews of other denominations do not consider Messianic Judaism to be a form of Judaism, but a form of Christianity."
RaP: Such drivel. What does the JPost mean when it talks of "Jews of other denominations" -- is Jewish Christian Messianism now another "denomination" of Judaism like one speaks of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox all of which are essentially based on Rabbinic Judaism that utterly reject Jesus or any notion that he could have been either a prophet, or messiah or part of God through a virgin birth. As far a Judaism is concerned, ANY Jew who accepts Jesus and Christianity in ANY way is automatically an APOSTATE, and there is no such thing as a "branch" of Judaism called "Jewish apostacism" which is what the "Jewish Christians" want to claim about themselves. Simply put, that which is forbidden and not allowed according to Judaism cannot be made kosher by word play, not unless one wants to lie and resort to manipulation and trickery that is. What is with the writer of this article and the editors of the JPost, have they lost their minds and now act as the mouthpieces of the missionaries? It's irresponsibility and madness.
" 'These people are viewed by the government of Ethiopia and by their neighbors as Jews and are persecuted as such,' argued Chernoff,"
RaP: Who says? Can Chernoff prove any of this? There are thousands of tribes in Africa and there are constant conflicts based on religion and tribalism. Presently it is Islamic tribes that are killing Christian-connected tribes, and let's call a spade a spade. As in Sudan there is the Darfur tragedy with Muslims killing Christian blacks, and it's the same in Ethiopia, but the missionaries have seen an opening here for mischief and they have moved in for the kill with anti-semitic charges against the Israeli government that are not based on truth nor on reality. Again we see how the missionaries are taught to lie at all costs and as Hitler said, the bigger the lie the greater the chances that people will believe it. This is moving beyond chutzpa to becoming an outrage, but instead of the JPost blasting this liar Chernoff it is quoting his words as if he were the font of knowledge and self-righteousness. Such a sham it is pathetic.
"adding that it all 'boils down to the fact that Israel has decided not to accept Jews who believe in Jesus.'[...]"
RaP: What bubba-mesies is this guy spouting now? So now Israel is not fair enough to Christian missionaries and Christians who enjoy full freedom to carry out their missions and to practice Christianity, and if the Israeli government does not accept every new-fangled Christian missionary project then it is going against Jesus? How sick is that? One wonders what would be if people like this Chernoff would be running the Israeli government would any non-Christian Jew have the right to keep their faith or to accept converts to Judaism? This man, like many Christians is a hater of Israel and Jews if he has to complain that Israel and Jews do not accept Jesus. Is he joking? Since when do Jews have to welcome people who believe in Jesus with open arms even if they may claim to be born Jewish or have some Jewish ancestry going back to who knows when. The real shame is that the JPost and other Israeli and Jewish media give the missionaries this kind of attention that translates into a free podium and free ad time and even undeserved respect that unfortunately can only harm Jews, Judaism and Israel.

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