Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evangelicals - Mass conversion - not dialogue - is true love

YNET reports:
World Evangelical Alliance ends Berlin conference with statement calling for mass Jewish conversion. Decree enrages Jewish communities, ADL says 'issuing such troubling words from Berlin is height of insensitivity

A formal decree drafted by the World Evangelical Alliance's (WEA) Theology Commission during a Berlin conference held in August, has world Jewish communities up in arms: The decree, which explores "Jesus’ individuality and Jewish evangelism," is meant, according to the WEA, to find ways in which Christians can profess their true love for the Jewish people, especially those residing in Europe.

The conference, which was attended by German Christians and Messianic Jews, ended with a statement calling for forfeiting the Christian-Jewish dialogue in favor of distributing the gospel among the Jewish people. This act, said the WEA, "should be made with a true concerns for the Jewish people's redemption."

The statement begins with the conference apologizing for the persecution of the Jews in the name of Jesus, especially during the Holocaust: "During the genocide of the Holocaust, when the Jewish people were in their greatest peril, most Christian believers remained silent.

"Many have apologized for the failure to speak out and for not doing more to demonstrate genuine Christian love to the Jewish people... Many more today feel embarrassment and shame for the general failure to protest. As a result, there is an evident insecurity about relations with Jewish people. Also, there is a tendency to replace direct gospel outreach with Jewish-Christian dialogue," said the statement [...]


  1. Why is this news?

    If we don't want to convince them that their religion is wrong why should we expect them to reform it?

  2. So what else is new, "Esav Soneh es Yaakov"!

    The Gemara in Chulin, asking how Ya'akov could have let his guard down against the malach of Esav to let him wound him, says "keTalmid chochom nidmeh lo" that Esav fooled Ya'akov into thinking he was a "talmid chochem" so Ya'akov let his guard down and bam the malach grabbed him by the crotch/sciatic nerve and made him both crippled and impotent.

    The Maharsha explains that this is a ma'aseh avos siman lebanim for the acharis hayomim when the descendants of Ya'akov, today's Jews, will be fooled by the fake "piety" of Esav and that it will be a time of the doros hashmad, when many Jews will r"l fall prey to Esav's tricks yet again and abandon Yiddishkeit through shmad (apostasy).

    Only when Jews are solid in Torah and Mitzvis can they hope to really triumph over this gezeirah in the end, like they triumphed, often at graet cost, over all cruel gezairas that have been made against them over the millenia.

  3. and as the US and world economies get worse, the Xtians get more Evangelical. This is not good news for the Jews.

  4. To Jersey girl, the Evangelical threat to the Jews is far less bad than the contunuing slide of the bulk of America's Jews into the arms of secular life and sensory hedonism that is assimilation and intermarriage as witnessed by the way they are all fawning over Barak Hussein Obama to give him their hundreds of millions of dollars (all his big donors and advisers are assimilated Jews, with even the ultra Modern Orthodox Embassador Daniel Kurtzer being a close adviser), not to mention blindly handing over their hearts and souls to their new "black Messiah from Chicago/Kansas/Kenya/Hawaii/Harvard etc", so that he can triumph and become president.

    Just last night, obe of Hollywood's biggest Jewish stars and symbols Barbra Streisand threw a party for Hollywood celebrities that raised $9 million dollars for Obama's campaign. In years gone by she did this for the Clintons. Jews love sleaze more than they could ever love Evangelical Christianity that would not tolerate such behavior. To boot, Evangelicals are the biggest gentiles Zionist around (as you well knwo) but the Hollywood crowed cares far less about Israel and is more leftist and pro-Arab in its leanings. They could care less if Israel wowuld be wiped off the map. So keep your eye on the ball, and don't let that anti_Christian "Evangelical mantra" throw you off when the dangers are more primal and lsutful that come from Hollywood and the "entertainment" industry.

    It's not really an industry as such, it is more like a huge fantasmagorgic deception machine that charges money for creating optical illusions and deafening and blinding experiences that are actually more akin to the ilegal drug "industry" than to anything else. Entertainment and drugs, Hollywood and Las Vegas, movies and music, sex and self-gratification have decimated modern Jewry far more than Evangelicals have.

    The threat of crass secular immoral and amoral popular American culture is far, far worse than anything the Evangelicals can throw at the Jews. While the Christian threat coming from Esav is great, the HELLENISTIC threat coming from the spirit of Yavan (ancient Greece) is even worse!

    The world's Jews are far more likely to fall into the dangerous embrace of the ideals of American democratized Hellenized society, with its pseudo-good high-mindedness than fall victim to the fire and brimstome preachings of fundamentalist redneck morons. For every Jew that becomes a Hebrew Christian there are a thousand or maybe ten thousand that become more deeply secular, assimilated and intermarried (many are also gay and weird).

    Most intermarried Jews do not practice any religion, even though eventually studies by the NJPS show that many of their kids and grandkids (if they have them) will become Christians by default following the culture around them volunatarily to fit in with the surrounding society which is Christian and not because Evangelicals convinced them of anything.

    Welcome to the American melting pot, that "melts down" Jews and Judaism. Without Torah and Mitzvos and the help of Avihem Shebashamayim, and of course miracles, Jews have littel chance of making it against the forces that confront them in the modern world.

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