Thursday, April 2, 2020

Jewish doctor urges Israel to follow his off-label coronavirus treatment

  Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a Jewish family medical practitioner from Monroe, New York, who claims to have an off-label treatment for the  coronavirus, sent a letter on Wednesday to Health Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov, urging him to follow his protocol.
 While some anecdotal studies indicated that these drugs might be effective, other doctors have criticized Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, saying that more research is needed, and warned about the drug's side effects. Another point of criticism was that not all of Zelenko’s patients were formally diagnosed with COVID-19 because of a shortage of tests. 

 “He reports that after a follow-up period of eight days, there have been no deaths, no incubation and only four hospitalizations,” Dr. Dinerstein added. “So there you have it, a bunch of patients, no firm diagnostic information, no ages, no co-morbidities, and a follow-up period that is several days shy of adequate. Could he be right? Perhaps, but this report doesn't clarify.”

 Zelenko’s treatment arrived at a useful moment for Trump and his media supporters, who have at times appeared more interested in discussing miracle cures than testing delays or ventilator shortages.
Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, quickly promoted Zelenko’s claims on his TV and radio shows. Mark Meadows, the incoming White House chief of staff, called Zelenko to ask about his treatment plan. And Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, praised him in a podcast interview this week for “thinking of solutions, just like the president.”
Few people have been as hopeful about hydroxychloroquine as Trump, who has enthusiastically promoted it for weeks as “very effective” and possibly “the biggest game changer in the history of medicine” —even as health experts have cautioned that more research and testing are needed.


  1. In order for anyone to recommend a treatment, there has to be hard data. Dr Zelenko has none. All he has is "I tried it on people I think had it, for a short period of time, with no control group to compare, and it worked."
    I get it, people are desperate. That doesn't mean proper scientific procedure can be ignored.

  2. Sounds like he is doing the right thing! and the torah way

    Dr Vladmer Zelenko Kol Ha Kovod !


  4. Dr. Zelenko out of his depth on this... Making unsubstantiated claims in social media for weeks now.
    A controlled clinical trial will determine whether it works and to what extent.


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