Monday, March 30, 2020

Haredi woman blames media for hatred of religous Jews

A haredi resident of central Tel Aviv said that last Saturday she saw dozens of people walking in the streets with their children contrary to Ministry of Health orders but that police were summoned only when haredim were reported to be holding a prayer service.
In an interview with Arutz Sheva, the woman said that during half an hour at the window, she observed a couple taking a walk with their kids, two girls conversing in violation of directives, two men taking a walk, and many similar cases. She said no one considered taking pictures of these events or calling police.
"But when my husband returned from morning prayers at the Belz synagogue in Tel Aviv, which was held according to all the rules provided by the Ministry of Health - ten people scattered in an open complex - he said that the neighbors repeatedly called police who arrived at the scene but [couldn't do anything] after one of the worshipers presented an official permit to pray in the specific open area according to the strict rules of the Ministry of Health."
"A day earlier," she says, "there was a small minyan in the open space according to all the rules. And again, police were called. They weren't aware that permission had already been granted to pray there - and worshipers fled in the middle of the prayer for fear of arrest."



  1. Kalonymus HaQatanMarch 30, 2020 at 4:29 PM

    It's not "religious" Jews, it is people who are too rigid even to consider pikuach nefesh, and at first were even in total denial. About 2-3 weeks ago, the Chief Rabbi of UK closed down all Orthodox shuls under his auspices . The Adath (Hareidi shuls) only said that people over 70 should stop going to minyan. Duh. They are too thick to realise that even a eprson who is 13 or 30 can catch the virus, and even if they don't get severe symptoms, can pass it on to others who are older, or more vulnerable. So it is not about being "religious" is about being a chassid shoteh and /or makkot perushin.

  2. Life is not fair. One who presents as "frum" is held to a higher standard by surrounding society and is also an automatic representative of his community. A small group of teenage hooligans wearing knitted kippahs reflect badly on the whole RZ community. A small number of idiot chareidim will cause Israeli society to get very angry with all them.

  3. just wait. in a few months or years, conspiracy theorists and anti-zionists will blame this entire episode on the Zionist scientists, who

    a) developed the virus to shmad the hareidim (like Berel claims Herzl did the same with the State)

    b) Didn't save the Hareidim, by withholding respirators and hospital beds from them (like Berel claims the Zionists withheld visas fromt eh European Jews and refused to give $10 Million blood money to Eichmann / Perfidy etc)
    c) Gantz and his party wanted to neutralize the Hareidi parties, Lizstman etc, so no coincidence this began at the time of the election (that's my chiddush, but it is the way conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers and Deniers operate).


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