Thursday, March 28, 2019

Yona Weinberg


  1. The allegations of assault aren't related to the allegations of libel in the underlying lawsuit concerning sexual abuse.

  2. I printed out and read closely the critical letter. There is a criminal complaint against him, number 2014-070-7085. Hmm, maybe it’s a joker complaint with no substance? A joker complaint is a sin: “You must not carry תשא false rumors; you shall not join hands with the guilty רשע to act as a malicious witness” (Exodus 23:1). The NY detective and the Brooklyn Child Abuse Squad are investigating. Not likely this is a joker complaint. Wow: “The New York City Police Department will affect a lawful arrest if Yona Weinberg returns to New York.”
    I didn’t pay $25,000 court levied fines against me, in Susan Aranoff v. Gerald Aranoff. Can I be subject to arrest should I, Heaven forbid, leave Israel and go to NY? Interesting the lady judge in Israel allows Weinberg’s ridiculous/baseless slander lawsuit to go on and on. In my SCOTUS 18-7160 conference date 4/12/2019: “Questions Presented: Can Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings Judge Eric I. Prus block me from seeing a critical document? Can Susan's lawyer, Myla Serlin, block me from seeing a critical document? The critical document is the 1995 Rigler Order of Separation used to justify the 2013 NYS civil divorce Gerald v. Susan despite the Israel divorce 1993. “
    In the K-G garbage heter, there is a joker complaint with no substance, the fake/phony PhD psychology letter Rabbi Greenblatt refers to: “I hereby return to that which I wrote regarding this matter concerning the lady Ms. Tamar Epstein, who married one gentleman who was subsequently diagnosed with mental illness, such that physicians testified his condition is incurable, and immediately she began to separate from him. And it is agreed by the poskim that mental illness of such magnitude that it is impossible for a spouse to live with him, similar to that which they said no human can live with a snake etc., is a worthy reason to annul kiddushin for it is mekach ta‘ut”
    Judge Kavanaugh suffered from joker complaints in the hearing to approve him as a judge on SCOTUS. I suffer from joker complaints in Susan Aranoff v Gerald Aranoff. Aaron Freidman suffers from joker complaints in Tamar v Aaron.

  3. Daf hayomi last night
    Chullin 121a
    “AND ALAL אלל What is ALAL אלל? R. Johanan said: It is withered meat [So R. Hananel and Tosaf. According to Rashi, it is the hard veins in the throat]. Resh Lakish said: It is meat which the knife has cut away [When the animal is flayed some flesh is inevitably cut away and remains attached to the hide]. An objection was raised. It is written: “But you invent lies; All of you are quacks אלל. (Job 13:4) [Heb. אלל, usually translated of no value. The word is of the same root as that of our Mishnah]. Now according to him who says it is withered flesh it is well, for such cannot be healed; but according to him who says it is flesh which the knife has cut away, surely this can be healed [If the flesh cut away is replaced and bound up well it would heal up]! There is no dispute at all about the אלל mentioned in the verse [Scriptural/Job אלל certainly means withered flesh (or, the hard veins)] they only disagree as to the meaning of אלל in our Mishnah. Come and hear: [from our Mishnah]: R. JUDAH SAYS, IF SO MUCH OF אלל WAS COLLECTED TOGETHER SO THAT THERE WAS AN OLIVE'S BULK IN ONE PLACE, ONE WOULD THEREBY BECOME LIABLE.”
    “My eye has seen all this; My ear has heard and understood it. What you know, I know also; I am not less than you. Indeed, I would speak to the Almighty; I insist on arguing with God. But you invent lies טפלי שקר; All of you are quacks רפאי אלל. If you would only keep quiet It would be considered wisdom on your part. Hear now my arguments, Listen to my pleading. Will you speak unjustly on God’s behalf? Will you speak deceitfully for Him? Will you be partial toward Him? Will you plead God’s cause? Will it go well when He examines you? Will you fool Him as one fools men? He will surely reprove you If in your heart בסתר [lit. secret] you are partial toward Him. His threat will terrify you, And His fear will seize you. Your briefs are empty אפר [lit. ashen] platitudes; Your responses are unsubstantial לגבי חמר גביכם [lit. clayey].” (Job 13:1-12).
    Google me and see my articles on Job. One opinion in the Talmud is that Moses wrote the book of Job. I say it looks like Job complains that the 3 friends that visited him were joker trolls.
    Wow the ending of Job: “After the Lord had spoken these words to Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, I am incensed at you and your two friends, for you have not spoken the truth נכונה about Me as did My servant Job. (Job 42:7).
    I like the view of Rabbi Ishmael (and Rabbi Yehuda) in daf hayomi that says that if there is an olive size of meat, even little pieces added together, in the אלל --- that meat can be liable to Tumah of food...


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