Tuesday, March 5, 2019


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that the ongoing Democratic investigation of President Donald Trump was merely a way to distract the American people from the Democrat’s “radical agenda.”
On Monday, Sanders called the new House investigations into the Trump campaign, administration, the president’s inner circle and his private business dealings—announced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold  Nadler—as “disgraceful and abusive” and based on “tired, false allegations,” the BBC reported.
“Chairman Nadler and his fellow Democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two-year false narrative of ‘Russia collusion’ is crumbling,” the press secretary added.
Sanders then suggested the Democrats were simply trying to “distract from their radical agenda,” which she claimed included “making America a socialist country, killing babies after they’re born, and pushing a ‘green new deal’ that would destroy jobs and bankrupt America.”
The press secretary did not offer any evidence that the agenda exists in the way she described it. The infanticide allegation in particular appeared to be building on Trump’s misunderstanding, or misrepresentation, of  “late-term abortion,” which he claimed involved “executing” a baby after birth.


  1. “Democrats are investigating Donald Trump to distract from baby-killing agenda, Sarah Sanders says”
    I wish SCOTUS would investigate Judge Eric I. Prus. I write today to: NYS Ct of Appeals with copy to SCOTUS, TIAA, NYS Inspector General, Comm. of Judicial Conduct, and Susan:
    1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my motion ?? 3/11/2019. I attach Exhibit A: Judge Rigler Signed QDRO October 15, 1997 I'm attaching an affidavit of service proving I mailed by UPS a true copy to Susan.
    2.My argument is that Judge Prus has no prerogative/privilege to block me from seeing a critical document, namely the fake/phony 1995 Judge Rigler Order of Separation. TIAA partially agreed that I had a kangaroo problem with the Kings County Supreme Court.
    3.TIAA letter 8/30/2007 “We did indicate that it was our understanding that a garnishment order could not transfer 100% of his pension benefits to satisfy the QDRO. The Court agreed, and the QDRO was quickly remedied to provide that only 55% of the pension could be garnished to satisfy the child support obligation.”
    4.TIAA letter 3/10/2011 ”For several months in 2007 August 2007-November 2007, we resumed full payments to you while the issue of arrears were [sic] before the Court. No payments were made to Susan during that time. Our records confirm $117,462.79 having been paid to Susan Aranoff. Enclosed is a breakdown of all the amounts paid to Susan Aranoff from contracts OU12671-0, OT86956-7 and IC097426; the grand total of which is $117,462.79 and comprises payments $23,037.36 in January 1998 in response to the first court levy - representing payments for the period May 1994 through January 1998 and is summarize to the right of the charts for each contract.”
    5.I spoke yesterday with TIAA. Friday, March 1, 2019 I received a package from TIAA 8500 Andrew Carnegie Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262 USA: “TIAA Vonzell Simmons QDRO Relationship Manager Life Events Services T 877 535-3910 Ext 22-6162 F 800 914-8922 vsimmons@tiaa.org February 22, 2019 Mr. Gerald Aranoff 8 Miriam Street Bnei Brak 51583 Israel RE: Task ID t1902198tij Dear Mr. Aranoff: I am responding to the information we received on February 19, 2019... Enclosures: Sample IA QDRO (Rev.9/07) FAQs Booklet (Rev.9/07)”
    6.I asked Vonzell Simmons if TIAA could suspend paying out my pension, meaning temporarily not paying out my pension. Vonzell Simmons told me “I don't think so,” but he wants to look into the matter. TIAA did suspensions August 2007 through November 2007. I told Vonzell Simmons that TIAA did suspensions early 1994 until late 1997. TIAA's pension payment suspensions may be in violation of ERISA.
    7.I told Vonzell Simmons that the sample QDRO he sent me states: “1.The parties hereto were husband and wife, seek this Order...” This is substantially different from Exhibit A: Judge Rigler Signed QDRO October 15, 1997: “The parties seek this Order in conjunction with this Court's child support orders of July 22, 1994 and January 6, 1997 in that action pending in this Court at the above number.” QDROs as any proper court documents must be clear on who the parties are.
    8.In truth Judge Rigler never should've signed Exhibit A. There were so many flaws. The child support orders of July 22, 1994 were made retroactive to when I was still America etc. August 1992 in court I personally showed Judge Rigler and Larry Rothbart copies of 22 letters I sent Susan trying to make peace in the home. This stopped Susan's false charge that I abandoned her, when in truth Susan abandoned me.
    I agree 100% with Sarah Sanders comments. God bless Trump, America and Netanyahu.

  2. Hey. Gerald. Joe here.

    Kinda curious.

    Can we agree you are not the only man in history who divorced his wife?

    How much time do you spend combing through the other ex-husbands' legal documentation relating to their divorce?


  3. This is my comment to: “Women in the IDF Good news and Bad.”
    This relates to my http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/23486
    The women of the ערב רב looked so very sexy to the men in the desert while Moses was on Mount Sinai. God punished those men that went to those ערב רב women, with no mercy. Moses failed with the ערב רב.
    My year abroad in Israel from YU, 1965-1966, I once saw a group of Girl soldiers---they looked so very sexy. God gave men יצר הרע. Yes, we must punish men who can’t control their יצר הרע. Men that sin cannot claim אונס. Women could.
    Kethuboth 72a
    “HAVING INTERCOURSE WITH HIM DURING THE PERIOD OF HER MENSTRUATION [MISHNAH. THESE ARE TO BE DIVORCED WITHOUT RECEIVING THEIR KETHUBAH]. How are we to understand this? If he was aware of her [condition] he could have abstained, if he was not aware [of it] [At the time] he should still rely upon her, for R. Hinena b. Kahana stated in the name of Samuel: Whence is it deduced that the menstruant herself may [be relied upon to] count [correctly] [The prescribed number of the days of her uncleanness]? From the Scriptural statement, “When she becomes clean of her discharge, she shall count off וספרה לה seven days, and after that she shall be clean” (Leviticus 15:28). לה means to herself [i.e., she may be implicitly trusted to count correctly. What need was there for the ruling in our Mishnah?] It was required in the case only where she said to her husband, So-and-so the sage told me that the blood was clean [that it was not menstrual] and when her husband went and asked him it was found that her statement was untrue. If you prefer I might reply on the lines of a ruling of Rab Judah who said: If a woman was known [by her habit or the like] among her neighbors to be a menstruant her husband [if he had intercourse with her after he had been duly cautioned] is flogged on her account for [having intercourse with] a menstruant [Kid. 80a. Our Mishnah would thus refer to a case where the neighbors informed the husband of the facts after the event].”
    See, men get flogged on her account, but not the woman...
    Daf hayomi Chullin 96a
    I say, if the IDF soldier raped the girl, he has incurred forty stripes. Whew, he didn’t rape her....
    The IDF good news is that the IDF soldier did not rape her. The bad news is that IDF looks bad here, a soldier almost raped her... God bless the IDF, Netanyahu, and Trump.

  4. I’m the only man in history who divorced his wife (Susan), marries another (Yemima) and has 3 from her (Yemima) lives happily with her (Yemima) and 20 years later, his first wife (Susan) gets a NYS kangaroo court to grant a civil divorce me and my first wife (Susan). Follow, Joseph Orlow? I just spoke with the NYS Court of Appeals. They’re still doing review of my papers... No, I don’t look at other ex-husbands legal stuff. I’m putting a tough question to the courts: can a judge block me from seeing a critical document? Joseph Orlow, I’d like to see the fake/phony PhD psychology letter of the K-G heter. Any news?

  5. I have. Have had the answer for quite a while. I just can't disclose it.

    Since you "don’t look at other ex-husbands legal stuff", then why do you expect us to be interested in your "stuff"?

  6. This blog states every time: K-G heter is garbage. Surely, many of the readers of this blog would like to see the fake/phony PhD psychology letter behind the K-G heter. Why? See, then Tamar would have to separate from her lover... In my case, if Judge Prus allows me to see the fake/phony Rigler 1995 order of Separation----wow wow wow, then the 2013 NYS civil divorce would have to be nullified which awarded my house to Susan and Judge Prus over the QDRO ... Follow Joe?


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