Sunday, March 31, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's relentless drive to be given credit


President Donald Trump's relentless drive to be given credit for all manner of things suffused his speech to Michigan supporters this past week.
These efforts are largely familiar by now: He counts job gains from the Obama era as his own, rebrands his predecessor's veterans health care initiative as a Trump achievement, attributes auto factory expansion long in the making to his leadership, and hails a Republican rescue of health care that has not materialized.
But there was a new one on Thursday night. "We have some breaking news!" he said. "Can you handle it? I don't think you can handle it."
He then declared that after decades of failure by lawmakers to get money to clean up the Great Lakes, he was coming ahead with $300 million for that effort. The crowd roared.
But the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was getting that money already . Trump had proposed slashing it.


  1. Pres. Trump has kept the Union together and protects us from outside threats, like illegal immigration, and war with North Korea. Thus, all that happens in the country is due to his political acumen, statesmanship, and style of governing.

  2. "Kept the Union together"? You mean just like every president since 1865? You other claims are just as nonsensical; par for the course.

  3. Bravo Joseph Orlow comments.
    May I show here my recent WSJ comments exchange?
    Gerald Aranoff “I live in Israel, a PhD economist, and supporter of Netanyahu and Trump. I read closely the WSJ. I agree with “Several leading candidates, including former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, want the U.K. to comprehensively break economic ties with the EU so it can pursue trade deals with other countries, including the U.S.” I think exit without a deal is best for the UK. Why? There’s something wrong with the European Union. For example, rejecting recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel territory, rejecting Trump etc. The European Union wants vassalage from the UK. Vassalage = a position of subordination or submission (as to a political power). The Qataris, in turn, argue that the Saudis want nothing short of Doha's vassalage.”
    Robert Middleton “"There’s something wrong with the European Union. For example, rejecting recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel territory, rejecting Trump etc." The world does not revolve around Israel, or the Golan Heights, or Donald J. Trump. Designating the Golan Heights as occupied territory just acknowledges reality. The territory was seized, and now it is occupied. As for Trump, he is a raging sociopath, and pathological liar. "Rejecting" or questioning that behavior does not strike me as "wrong." And the UK? Hardly a vassal state. They are one of the three most powerful countries in the EU. If they have become "vassals" then that is on them. They had 45 years to shape events. Likethumb_up6
    Yes I love Trump and Netanyahu. Next week, Friday, is conference vote on my SCOTUS 18-7160. I’ll be saying Tehilim...

  4. Tut tut, Yeshoshua. Why always the sour disposition towards MAGA?

  5. Because MAGA-heads, starting from the one at the top, tend to be ignorant, mean-spirited scourges on society.

  6. Au contraire, we are maga-nificent. And is it not just right that you should join us in maga-nifying the real (and imaga-ined!) accomplishments of our maga-lomanic leader?

  7. Sorry, I don't view this all as one big joke.

  8. Yeshoshua, my brother, we'll get through this. Together.


    In two years, Bernie Sanders might be President. Then you can have fun while I fume.

  9. Once again, you seem to regard the fate of America as some kind of sport, where you root for "your team" to beat the "other team," and accept irrationality as part of your "fandom."
    I do not view matters that affect hundreds of millions, even billions, of people in the same way as you.

  10. Well, then, why don't you run for office? You don't seriously think, I hope, that you're making enough of an impact online to effect major political changes.

    Donald Trump didn't become Emperor of the Wprld President of the United States through happenstance. His position is a culmination of a lifetime of acquiring wealth, exposing himself to the public, and making speeches.

    Chop chop. You've got the speechwriting down. Get to work on the rest!

    Vote Yehoshua
    Undo the Damage

  11. Once again, you still seem to be treating this like a joke.
    FYI, I live in Israel, so running for office is not an option.

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  13. I wasn't joking.

    How was I supposed to know where you live?!

  14. By joking, I was referring to your calling Trump emperor of the world, then crossing it out.

  15. Kalonymus AnonymusApril 2, 2019 at 6:49 PM

    Joke , lighthearted or not.

  16. Kalonymus Anonymus says “Joke , lighthearted or not.”
    Definition of joker a person given to joking : WAG FELLOW, GUY especially : an insignificant, obnoxious, or incompetent person a shame to let a joker like this win — Harold Robbins
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    My theory is that the 3 friends meant well but were actually joker trolls, follow Yehoshua, KA, Berel? Joseph Orlow is speaking the truth נכונה.

  17. Kalonymus AnonymusApril 2, 2019 at 8:22 PM

    You are off the mark professor, so I've down voted you.

  18. Kalonymus AnonymusApril 2, 2019 at 8:31 PM

    Gerald, you troll. Stop giving phoney takes on the Tenakh. What has sefer Iyov to do with a semantic discussion on lightheaded? You phoney troll. Follow, Gerry?


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