Sunday, August 26, 2018

White farmers: how a far-right idea was planted in Donald Trump's mind

During the insert of more than six minutes, Carlson lambasted the State Department, panning their official reaction to a query from his show and asked why his country's government said nothing about South Africa's amendment to its Constitution (there has been no amendment to the Constitution).
Carlson also interviewed Marian Tupy, an analyst at the Cato Institute, a think tank in Washington.
Earlier this year, AfriForum's Kallie Kriel and Ernst Roets both visited the Cato Institute, while Roets was interviewed on Carlson's show. During the interview, Roets said a motion was carried in Parliament to change the Constitution, while in actual fact, that did not happen.
He backpedalled later in the interview and said there was an ongoing parliamentary process but did not correct Carlson's false statements.
During Wednesday's broadcast, Carlson started by declaring that Ramaphosa "started seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin colour".
However, no farms have been seized and no expropriation without compensation has taken place since the start of the national debate about land reform.

OVERVIEW: 'There's a black genocide in SA and US' - EFF hits back at Trump following Twitter storm

On Wednesday night, the Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson once again talked about the alleged plight of white South African farmers on his Fox News program.
On Twitter, Donald Trump indicated that he had been watching. The president’s tweet called for further study, but treated the “large scale killing of farmers” as a settled fact, when reporting indicates that against the background of a generally high murder rate in South Africa, there is no evidence of white farmers being specifically targeted.
But Trump’s tweet came at the end of a long process whereby the far-right idea of “white genocide” in South Africa had been mainstreamed, working its way from far-right websites and forums, into the rightward edge of mainstream media, and then into policy proposals. News Corp outlets have played an outsized role in that process.

The conspiracy theory of “white genocide” has been a staple of the racist far right for decades. It has taken many forms, but all of them imagine that there is a plot to either replace, remove or simply liquidate white populations.
South Africa and Zimbabwe in particular have exerted a fascination on the racist far right because in the mind of white nationalists, they show what happens to a white minority after they lose control of countries they once ruled.
The Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was obsessed, like many other white supremacists, with “Rhodesia”, as Zimbabwe was known under white minority rule. As the Christian Science Monitor reported in the wake of his massacre, the fates of the two countries are “held up as proof of the racial inferiority of blacks; and the diminished stature of whites is presented as an ongoing genocide that must be fought”.


  1. Kosher, parve or treif?

  2. Well the RW lies (goyim!). They have nothing else to offer.

  3. Got news for y'all.

    There is a White genocide.

    No, Whites are not being herded into concentration camps and systematically exterminated.

    The Whites who use the term "White genocide" are borrowing the term for both effect and exactitude.

    Here is not the place to go into the proof of my thesis. Suffice it to say I was skeptical when I first began investigating this issue about a year ago, but have by force come to accept its reality.

    I have encountered people whether in real life or online, directly or indirectly, who embrace an idea that all that is bad in history and the world today stems from the White race.

    I have learned about the situation in South Africa in regard to Whites there.

    You know, when the recent slaying of a White girl in Iowa came up, some people wanted to defend illegal immigrants as a group, claiming their violence is no worse than violence in general in America. As if that's a convincing argument.

    What the people arrayed against the Whites don't seem to get is that not all White people are going to simply stand by as a threat to their race and nation, real or only perceived, comes their way.

    So the takeaway from the President's tweet isn't that here's another starement he's made that must be picked apart. The takeaway should be: what are we going to do now that some Whites are banding together to defend themselves?

    And the answer to that question is not to continue refusing to start a dialogue and not to continue marginalizing and pooh-poohing these concerns of some Whites. Because that is only to antagonize them more and solidify their resolve to protect their history and future.

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  6. if you are saying that trump has evidence other than fox news he should have let his state department or intelligence services verify the claims before announcing on twitter - viewing fox news as a superior source of truth is absurd even for trump

  7. I highly suggest you review the Tucker Carlson segments, both the one before and the one following the President's tweet, in regard to this issue.

    State Dept. changed its tune real quick after the order from the President. So either way State is implicated. If they were wrong, they were wrong. If they were right initially, they showed themselves up as being political hacks for backing down.

    The bottom line: under the cover of democracy, Whites in South Africa are under attack.

  8. what is there to review Tucker made statements which are not true and Trump repeated his lies

  9. Black genocide: Blacks killing other Blacks. Check the statistics. Black on Black crime in prisons.

  10. Yeshiva meshuga


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