Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz: How he convinced the judge not to issue an injunction against speaking in Haf Nof

I attended Rabbi Yakov Horowitz' presentation in Har Nof tonight. He spoke to a very interested and concerned audience for two hours. He speaks very well and has a lot of solid practical information to present. After the presentation I spoke to him briefly about what happened in court today. He noted that there were reporters present who would report the story. (Below are links to two of the reports.)

It is clear that the judge did not buy the claims that Rabbi Horowitz was a danger to the level 3 pedophile and his family by coming to his neighborhood of Har Nof to incite his neighbors against him. It is also clear that whatever negative attention this convicted pedophile is getting is coming primarily from his legal actions against Rabbi Horowitz.  Given the dismissal of the request for an injunction today - the pedophile seems to have little chance of winning the civil judgment in November and clearly stands to destroy whatever normal existence is left to them. Does it really make any sense to arouse the interest of the media when commonsense would tell you to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible? Ironically this convicted pedophile in his attempt to silence Rabbi Horowitz is actually building his stature and convincing people of the need for more publicity!

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