Friday, May 10, 2013

Kolko case: Trial update

YNET   Kolko has denied the charges, which include sexual assault and child endangerment.

The boy's former therapist testified Thursday that the boy told her in late 2008 he no longer needed help with his social skills because had had made a new friend, Rabbi Kolko.

"He's my best friend. He's the only one who understands me," Dr.Tsipora Koslowitz recounted the boy telling her.

Koslowitz said she told him that best friends were typically around the same age but he didn't understand.

At the end of a therapy session in February 2009, she said, the boy told her he had a secret. She said she had another patient coming in, so told him to tell her father. She said she thought it had something to do with bullying.

But that night, she said the boy's father called her to say it was about sexual abuse. [...]

The boy took the witness stand Wednesday on the first day of the trial, testifying how he wanted to remain close to Kolko, even though his actions made him uncomfortable, because Kolko was his friend and he had no friends in school or camp. [...]


  1. I heard that on Thursday night in satmar Lakewood where Rav Blech went to daven, he was screamed at 7 scoffed & ridiculed & threaten, by a prominant person in lakewood, in front of approximatly 60 people, with no one supporting him, and many against him.
    If this is how it goes, that Beis Din is rejected, and ridiculed. Court is messira.Anyone who testifies is threatened or harmed, my guess is the Kehilah have given Pedophiles Predetors a James Bond 007 lisence.
    We will have to make new safe kehilos, set up with a foundation if anyone does this in our kehilos we go to the police. Those who want to keep their children safe will move there.Believe thje perps will remain where they have aliscense to do as they wish.Rachmono lizlon.

  2. Is "Blech" the victim's father? If the names of the victim and his family have not been released, why are they being published here?

  3. thats expected in satmar if u gona go testify in a case like this dont show up in satmar

  4. Rav Blech is a local Rabbi, From an earlier generation, probably in his high seventies or early eighties, he is not this victim's father.

  5. Rav Blech is a chasuva Rav, past Summer Rav of Camp Bais Yaakov in Ferndale, a well-known and popular Rav of a shul in Lakewood & most important an Ish Emes.

    1. Why was he beaten? Is he the father's rav?

  6. Rav Blech is a respected local rav in his mid seventies, one of the original talmidim of R. Aron Kotler, Zatzal and was the first rav that the father of the victim went to with Kolko. Thus Rav Blech was the second person to have heard what Kolko said at the time, which can be construed as a confession. I hear he is is an ish emes and people in Lakewood know that about him. More important than the fact that he is a talmid chacham is that he he is not intimidated.

    I too wondered why he went to a Satmar minyan, especially since the main pro-Kolko rabble rouser from Lakewood is the askan "Mickey" Rottenberg, a Satmar Hasid. But in truth, you can assume that he wouldn't be able to do this if he wasn't the shliach of the Litvish hanhalah. But even the hanhalah knows its defense of Kolko is so distasteful that they would rather have outsiders like Belsky and a hasid like Mickey do the dirtiest work.

    Perhaps Blech davens there periodically for convenience of location or time. If he did that periodically I admire him for going there now to show he is not ashamed of his choice to testify.

    He is not an in-your-face type. So I can't imagine he went there just to provoke. If he does not daven there regularly, I cannot imagine he went there this time unless it was particularly convenient because of location or time of the minyan.

    1. 1. Blech is the rav of a largely empty shul, anshei sefard. He is not considered a talmid chacham of repute in Lakewood however he is a older shul rav, gives long drashas and sells lots of chometz!!
      2. Some people consider him an ish emes, others would strongly disagree.
      3. R. Rottenberg is not a Satmar chasid. He has is own packed shul although he is not the official rav. He is far less active in askanos than he has been in many years.
      4. Those who disagree with R.Rottenberg call him a rabble rouser (you know who you are Harav HaGaon M.S.), but the majority opinion is that he is leshem shamayim and always tries to help the underdog.
      5. Blech went to Rottenberg last week begging him to get Kolko to take a plea. Blech is terrified of having to take the stand. He was widely publicizing Kolko's guilt for the last few years but finally admitted that he never actually heard a confession but was basing it all on the father. Whichever way he testifies Blech will be in for it. He has gotten himself in quite a pickle!
      6. I have no idea if Kolko is guilty or not but it will come down to the boys's word against Kolko's. I haven't heard any corroborating evidence. If this weren't a molestation case I don't see how a jury could find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (certainly no Beis Din could). But in a molestation case the rules seems to be different...

    2. The story has changed, more evidence has been revealed and he has changed his plea.

  7. Don't make anonymous comments!

  8. It is Possible Rabbi Blech Was suppenoed by the Victims Family against his will

  9. Satmar" is the local minyan factory in Lakewood.

    Not even 1% of those who go there on a weekday are Satmar.

  10. Mickey the askan always sides with the underdog regardless of the truth.
    The funny thing is that if anyone was the underdog here it was the father and his abused son. Every bulvan shouting mesira would do the same if it were their child. As far as Rabbi Blech is concerned, he's a mature, respected, deliberate, and compassionate Rov with over 35 years experience. Last i checked, his shule is not attached to his house to cheat on his property taxes and he sells lots of chometz honestly , not herring and cigarettles with a heap of shtik and leitzanus. I'm sorry you're so upset that the truth came out. Drink a l'chaim and go back to your know it all overweight chevra with high cholesterol and graying beards. Oh, and make sure you give your "rov" a shkoiach for making sure kolko didn't take a plea bargain a few years ago for minimal jail time.


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