Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Supreme Court orders standardized tests for Chareidi schools

YNET   The Supreme Court ordered the Education Ministry on Wednesday to formulate an outline for standardized tests in the ultra-Orthodox school system and present it for court approval within 100 days.

Supreme Court President Judge Asher Grunis warned the representatives of the haredi schools that they "Should start taking things seriously, or face the consequences."

The Supreme Court's decision followed a petition made by the Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). The court ruled that the outline must include a provision stating that schools that will fail to perform the tests will be sanctioned.

Haredi institutions are required to teach core subjects, but the IMPJ demanded that the Education Ministry hold Meitzav standardized tests in the the religious  education system and deny funds from schools that fail to do so. [...]


  1. Just like the Supreme Court's demand that Chareidim being draft was, is and shall be ignored, so this too will fall by the wayside.
    The Chareidi leadership will refuse to obey and with Shas & UTJ in the coalition the government will fail to enforce.

  2. The Rebbe Z'cheee'soy Yo'gain OO"lainee already predicted this eons ago.
    Serves them right for not resisting the $$$$ from the r'shoo'im from the Medeena.


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