Friday, February 8, 2013

Man charged with raping minors in TA mall

ynet   Vladimir Spoznikov, a 23-year-old resident of Kiryat Malachi, was charged Friday on three counts of raping minors at the Dizengoff Center mall's underground parking lot in Tel Aviv.

Spoznikov is alleged to have furnished and used drugs with teenage girls at the mall, later accusing them of selling him out to the police.

He would then take the victims to the underground parking lot, undress them under the pretense of looking for a wire and rape and perform other indecent acts on them. 


  1. and why is this news you feel you must post on your blog?
    what does this story have to do with a blog calling itself DAAS TORAH?

  2. I simply cannot believe or accept what's I am reading. Raping a child in... TEL AVIV?!? This is a lie. I've been reading extensively about this issue in the Jewish community and I've seen that this issue is mostly a Chareidi issue of raping and molesting children.

    Secular Tel Aviv? It almost never happens in such a nice town, according to statistics in all the news reports on this issue.

  3. Wonder if this Russian is a goy.


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