Thursday, February 7, 2013

Search for biological markers for PTSD

NY Times   Over the past decade, about half a million veterans have received diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury. Thousands have received both. Yet underlying the growing numbers lies a disconcerting question: How many of those diagnoses are definitive? And how many more have been missed? 

No one can say. Though PTSD is hardly new, diagnoses still largely rely on self-reported symptoms. And while severe brain injuries are often clearly diagnosable, finding evidence of mild T.B.I.’s, particularly older ones, can be all but impossible. [...]

Dr. Marmar faces deep skepticism that biological signals can be found for psychiatric disorders like PTSD or depression, which his group is also studying, or even a less severe brain injury.

But while previous quests have failed to produce results that could be replicated, private foundations and the government still seem willing to finance new efforts, amid the growing tally of disabled veterans.

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  1. Hi
    Not related to the subject really but I could not find the email address So I will get the articles to you this way..

    A German researcher found a place in the brain where he can see if the person is a murderer.

    2. This a commentary price written by Michael yon former Special forces/ Green Beret and now a journalist. He was serving alongside soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan as a non combatant journalist.

    This article is his comment on the recent murder of Clylye a former Navy Seal Sniper with approximately 160 confirmed kills but he has been quoted of having killed as a sniper 255. The soldier with the highest before that was Hitchcock who had a bout 90.

    Cyle was murdered while trying to help a marine who had PTSD.

    Michael has written a interesting piece on PTSD from his perspective.


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