Thursday, January 31, 2013

Britain's Hidden Orthodox Child Abuse - Channel 4 Video

London chareidim respond to program

Channel 4   A victim of child sex abuse in one of Britain's religious communities goes undercover to expose the way his community has for decades been dealing with paedophilia.

In a year-long investigation, other victims of child abuse from this closed community express their anger about the lack of justice caused by their leaders' misguided approach to dealing with the issue.

In some cases those brave enough to complain to the police about their abusers have even been harassed, spat at and ostracised by other community members.

This Channel 4 Dispatches special report also reveals that an alleged child abuser was allowed to continue working with children, despite complaints from his victim.

And other victims, frustrated by their inability to bring child abusers to justice, tell Dispatches they've threatened and attacked those they believe to be paedophiles.


  1. Why do those who want to bar the use of secular courts offer no honest and effective methods to get redress in our Jewish courts? Even if that's because our courts lack the power or expertise, aren't they creating a situation where no redress at all is possible?


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