Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barzilai emergency room to be built on graveyard


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that Barzilai Medical Center's fortified emergency room will be built according to plan, despite the discovery of ancient burial ground in its intended location.

Netanyahu made the decision in his capacity as acting health minister, ordering the graves be relocated.[...]


  1. The FM has posted some shocking court documents which show the names of people Tropper gave money, alleged that Tropper channeled Kol Yakov assets to his own packet

    Recepients include r' Chaim Kanievsky


  2. Tropper is back -- did you see the two stories on Failed Messiah?

  3. Shows many things, one of which is the stupidity of the UTJ's decision to refuse to be a minister in the govt and only be a "deputy minister" as a protest against zionism. This allows them to be walked over and not have influence like they want, but hey, Netanyahu is making the right decision here anyway. But it shows how stupid the UTJ philosophy is.

  4. Last thing I read was that qualified archeologists had determined that the remains are not Jewish.
    Even if they were, could they not be moved, given the need for the ER to be in that location?

  5. A news report in Yediot says that the beis din of the Edah Charedis has called for demonstrations.

    Does that mean your blog will call for people to demonstrate? To break the law? To try to physically prevent work on the emergency room?

    Instead, I hope Rav Sternbuch make a major Kiddush Hashem by openly stating what every one of us knows: That halakhah clearly permits moving graves when there is a major public need, and certainly when both pikuach nefesh and a monumental public expense are involved.

  6. Luis Fernando LopezApril 15, 2010 at 2:39 AM

    Instead, I hope Rav Sternbuch make a major Kiddush Hashem by openly stating what every one of us knows:

    People are expecting Rav Sternbuch to take on all these issues but he is one person, very old. He already got his chelek in Gan Eden by taking on Tropper and his multi-millions enterprise the EJF, by standing as daas yachid against R’ Elyashiv, The Aguda and basically 99 percent of all the haredi rabbis.

    He did enough

  7. Wow Mr. "Yosef Kahn" is ordering Hagoen HaRav Shterbuch shlita ehat to do, as he knows better! Kahn is the "real" godol.


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