Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Palestinians try less violent path


Senior Palestinian leaders — men who once commanded militias — are joining unarmed protest marches against Israeli policies and are being arrested. Goods produced in Israeli settlements have been burned in public demonstrations. The Palestinian prime minister has entered West Bank areas officially off limits to his authority, to plant trees and declare the land part of a future state.

Something is stirring in the West Bank. With both diplomacy and armed struggle out of favor for having failed to end the Israeli occupation, the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, joined by the business community, is trying to forge a third way: to rouse popular passions while avoiding violence. The idea, as Fatah struggles to revitalize its leadership, is to build a virtual state and body politic through acts of popular resistance.[...]


  1. Wait 15 minutes. Think leopard, spots.

    This is not now or has ever been about a political solution.

    To accept Israel is to acknowledge the invalidity of the Quranic promise of dominion of the Jews.

  2. "Hatzlani Nah Miyad achi" was always a lot harder for the Jews to deal with that's why The Baal Hatnya was against Napoleon and pro Russia. In all actuality if they where completely brotherly they could take the "State" of Israel so easily with intermarriage look now and they are our sworn enemies "Vhakadesh Boroch Hu Matezilainu Miyoidom"


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