Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it slander to say R' Bomzer is controversial?

An interesting question regarding whether a person is slandering another is whether the person's intent was solely to cause harm and whether the evidence he used would lead the average person to conclude what he did. For example an old post indicated that Rabbi Herbert Bomzer's conversion are viewed as problematic by a number of rabbis. At the same time Rabbi Bomzer was defended as a very distinguished Rabbi and talmid chachom whose conversion are not problematic. Is is slander to report that some distinguished rabbis do not approve of his conversion? Is it slander to report that there are other rabbis who disagree with these rabbis and hold that Rabbi Bomzer's conversions are beyond reproach?


  1. Are you talking about Halacha, or secular law?

  2. observer said...

    Are you talking about Halacha, or secular law?

  3. My question is, what would happen to the Jewish nation if rabbis created a takana prohibiting conversions? There is so much drama about whether this rabbis' conversions are valid or not. I am just tired of hearing about it. No other religion treats converts the way we do or deal with conversions the way we do. If someone converts and decides not to observe later let's say after more than 10 years, would people consider the conversion invalid or consider the rabbi who coverted this individual invalid? G-d is the ruler of world and can know everything. We dont know if a person who converts through the lakewood or london beit din is going to stay observant forever. If they dont, why would the beit din be questioned? Let's not play G-d and let's leave Rabbi Bomzer alone. A convert is responsible for his own actions, G-d will take care of the problem, if they decide to break halacha. Let's focus on mizvoth and not whether rabbi bomzer converted an african american who will change the Jewish race?

  4. Samuel, its irrelevant if a convert later goes off the derech. He is still a Jew.

    What IS relevant, is the sincerity of the convert at the time of conversion to keep all 613 mitzvos forever.


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