Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abuse & Punishment

I heard another disturbing story about abuse yesterday. The person told me of a well known personality who has definitely abused children. So why wasn't anything done about it? It seems that he has been declared to no longer be a pedophile because he hasn't abused any one recently. It seems two rabbis have certified him to have stopped.

My question is 1) why wasn't it publicized when it was clear that he was a molester 2) why are there no consequences for his actions. 3) on what basis has he been certified not to be a molester. 4) it seems someone just filed a complaint with the police so he obviously hasn't stopped.

This individuals is known as a generous soul who regularly gives rides to kids and his house is frequented by neighborhood children.

When it comes to molesters the only issue of concern is stopping them. But this is a flawed process in which there is no transparency here as to the process that certifies that he has stopped. Community families are not informed that there is pedophile in their midst so that if they don't want to take the risk with their kids they are at least forewarned.

In addition there is absolutely no issue of punishment or even payment for the damage that they have done. One person told me he has been paying $400/ month for six years for a teenager who was destroyed by a molester. There was no suggestion that the molester needed to pay. In the many decrees of the Gaon and Rishonim there is clearly a process of not only punishment but also of placating the victim - what happened to these factors? I am in the process of finding out the answers.

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