Monday, October 27, 2008

US attacks Syria - 8 dead

JPost reported:

Syria called the US attack within its borders on Sunday evening a heinous crime and a statement issued by Damascus said the country was reserving the right to respond as it would see fit. Damascus claimed that the four US helicopters that entered Syria attacked an "agricultural farm," Israel Radio reported.

Syrian ambassador to Britain Sami Al Khiyami said he was convinced the US was hunting for terrorists based on false intelligence.

At least eight people were killed when US military helicopters bombed targets in a Syrian border town near Iraq after global jihad operatives allegedly crossed the border into Syria.

The attack, which was not confirmed by the US military, was the first-ever reported American strike on Syria, which called it a"serious aggression."

Iran also condemned the raid, saying on Monday that theviolation of the territorial integrity of any sovereign state was unacceptable.

Israeli defense officials said the incident was not connectedto Israel and confirmed that the American troops had been chasing global jihad suspects in Iraq.

The helicopters then crossed into Syria in pursuit of the terrorists.[...]

A US official, in confirming the raid, said the attack targeted elements of a robust foreign fighter logistics network and that due to Syrian inaction the US was now "taking matters into our own hands."

The US military official said the special forces raid targeted elements of a network that sends fighters from North Africa and elsewhere in the Middle East to Syria, where elements of the Syrian military are in league with al-Qaida and other fighters. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivity of cross-border raids.

Syria's Foreign Ministry said it summoned the charges d'affaires of the United States and Iraq to protest the strike.[...]


  1. How does this post have anything to do with the purpose of your blog?

    I'm just asking.

    Also, I have a new idea for you, a follow up to your Yad Moshe (which I own and love, BTW). You need to come up with a Yad Eliezer to the Tzitz Eliezer. It would save me soooo much time!

  2. This post shows 1) America is doing what Israel did in Iraq 2) The legitimacy of America & Israel attacking Iran is also reinforced by this action.

    Regarding indexing the Tzitz Eliezer - I have an index (1978) that Mosad Rav Kook put out to the medical issues in the Tzitz Eliezar. As praise for Dr. Steinberg's efforts the Tzitz Eliezar published an introduction which consisted of a teshuva strongly attacking Rav Moshe Feinstein's competence as a posek concerning the issue of abortion. Rav Moshe had a similar atitude towards the Tzitz Eliezar's abilities.
    So I wasn't planning on such a project.

  3. It seems that the US is finally fighting this war to win.

    A comparison can be made when Nixon finally took off his gloves with the North Vietnamese and international law when he ordered the Marines to occupy an area designated on the army maps as "Fishhook" and "Parrots Beak". These were two strips of Cambodian territory that cut deep into the heart of South Vietnam. The NVA were able to funnel personal and equipment through these areas with impunity without risk of chase because until then the US was not going to take the war into Cambodia or break international law. The American incursion into these areas was a severe blow to covert supply efforts on behalf of the NVA. That along with other bombings in Eastern Cambodia along with the US breaking what was then international law and actually bombing targets in North Vietnam forced the North Vietnamese to diplomatically negotiate with the Americans.

    Just a quick disclaimer. In writing what I did about the Vietnam war I am not in any way stating any personal opinion as to the morality of that war. I am just trying to tie the strategic similarities between then and what the Americans are doing today in Iraq.

  4. I think the US did the attack simply to emphasize the importance of the terrorism issue in the general election and help sway swing voters toward McCain.

  5. Truth is: we'll never really know the truth about the raid. I've seen enough movies to know that!

    Also, where does one get that 1978 index?

  6. I think you've all got it wrong, America attacked terrorists in Syria to show Israel that there is no fear of giving up the Golan and returning it to Syria SINCE we will be your allies and if necessary we will even ATTACK SYRIA IN ITS OWN LAND.


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